[ZERO] Vanguard G Update News

From the BGF2021 in ZERO Special

Major Update News About Vanguard ZERO

Major Update News

Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO is being updated this Autumn!!

Addition to the Home Page

New “Home Page” Appearance Update

You can choose to go to Card Capital 2 from Cardfight!! Vanguard G!

Gacha Renewal!!

From the “G” Series, it switches to a format similar to Duel Links, where the Gacha Pool is fixed, you draw from that pool until cards empty out, and you can Reset the pool.

A new all Clan common material will be added

They can be turned into the crystals you need for RRR and lower cards.

Clan Gacha confirmed!

Gachas with Cards for Specific Clans!

The Gachas after September 1st include:
• The Booster Packs
• Named Clan Gacha

Starting with Vanguard G, there will be a Vanguard G Gacha pool added.

Chrono Birthday Festival will be held from September 9th to 30th, 2021

September 1st to 8th: Chrono Birthday Countdown Log-In Bonuses Begin!
September 1st to 30th: G Begins! Scenario Reading Campaign
September 1st to 15th: LOVE Vanguard!! Log-In Bonus
September 9th to 30th: Chrono Birthday Festival Limited Time Missions Begin
September 16th to 30th: Welcome Vanguard G!! Log-In Bonuses

Other general bonuses and campaigns will be available, such as “Friend Fight Week”, “VP Multiplier Up” “Drop Rate & Amount Up” and “Rank Point UP”

Birthday Gacha Renewal

You can now spend on Birthday Sets

September Campaigns:

September 1st to 30th: “Autumn Festival” Items
September 1st Onwards: Fight Skins
September 1st “Super Deck” 2 (7 Clans)
September 9th: Shindou Chrono Birthday Set
September 13th: Katsuragi Kamui Birthday Set
September 27th: Sendou Emi Birthday Set

“BFG2021 in ZERO Log-In Bonus”

Until August 18th, 2021 at 4:59 AM JST, you can get these exclusive sleeves.

Clan Event: August 17th to 27th, “Lunar Postlude” will run, featuring Raul Sera and Morris Pennyworth from the Legionmate Arc! Get your hand on new “Granblue” and “Megacolony” cards.

“Lunar Postlude”

August 17th to 27th, 2021

It’s best to read up to Chapter 54; Ride 217 to know what’s going on in this event.

Play this event and fight Sera to get your hand on both new and old Megacolony and Granblue cards, along with pirate and insect themed goods!

Legion Cup

Seek your Mate starting September 12th, 2021!

Vanguard ZERO Championship Summer starts August 22nd, 2021 at 1PM Japan Time.

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