[Zero JP] Showdown Event “Black Diva ♪ White Diva”

Although we know for sure that one side will be way more favored than the other.

Showdown Event “Black Diva ♪ White Diva” will take place from 5 March to 15 March!

Featuring sleeves for the Black and White arts of Iori, Reit, Meer, Lily, Rhone, Slaney, Aria, Thames, Peace, Kura, and Darling

Choose a side, White or Black

There are 3 points of contention!
The side that wins more will receive a reward at a later date!!

The 3 points are…
– Total BET Points
– Average BET Points per person
– Average Live Tickets per person

Step 1
Log in once to fight the event fight!
In addition, win Rank or Practice Fight 3 times to get an additional fight!

Step 2
Win event fight to get 100 BET Points and Live Tickets!

Step 3
Live Tickets can be exchanged for limited items!

Rewards include sleeves from the above (there are a lot), along with Gacha Tickets and RRR Tickets!

Event missions
Win event fight 1 time – 100 Live Tickets
Win event fight 5 times (counts Quick Fight) – 200 Live Tickets
Win event fight 10 times (counts Quick Fight) – 500 Live Tickets

Event Dailies
Event fight using a clan from Divas Duet – 50 Live Tickets
Rank or Practice Fight once – 50 Live Tickets

Rewards earned after the event
Every player will get the Title of whichever side wins
Every player on the winning team gets 3 Packs

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