[GBT11] Carton ratios

You’re wondering how the ratios for the case look like after the booster pack change?

You basically get an increased amount almost everywhere for the same price.

You get per 20 boxes (1 carton):
6 GR (+2 (effective increase: 1 per different GR))
4 SP
2 SP Pack
3 of each Reissue (9 in this case)
60 RRR (+18 (effective increase: 1.3 per different RRR))
108 RR (+28 (effective increase: 1.7 per different RR))
447 R (+101 (effective increase: 2.9 per different R))
1590 C (-330 (effective decrease: 3.6 per different C))

Neither GR nor SGR replace RRR anymore.

All while costing around the same per carton as before.

Good job, Bushiroad. You reduced cost per box, stayed the same with the cost per carton, increased supply on the important rarities and decreased the supply marginally for the not so important rarity. And reduced waste. This is what I like.

Source: Freedomduo
Source: Compare the price per box from GBT10 to GBT11, you’ll find cheaper prices per box.

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