[COTD] Super Cosmic Hero, X-lead

A new Cosmic Hero G Unit appears for Burst Decks!


G-CHB02/029 R 超宇宙勇機 エクスリード Super Cosmic Hero, X-lead
“まずは私がお相手しよう! (First up is dealing with my opponent!)”
Grade 4 / Star Gate – Dimension Police – Battleroid
Power 15000+
Burst – Auto (VC): When this Unit’s attack hits, if this Unit’s Power is 35000 or more, draw 1 card, and if this card’s Power is 40000 or more, choose 1 of your Rear-guards, Stand it.
Act (VC) 1/Turn: [Choose 1 face-down card in your G Zone, flip it face up] Choose up to 5 of your Rear-guards, Rest them, for each Unit you Rest, choose 1 of your Rear-guards, during that turn, that Unit and this Unit gain Power+4000.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

Today’s Card from the Character Booster “We Are!!! Trinity Dragon” (on sale January 13th, 2017) that we’re introducing is the 《Dimension Police》 G Unit, “Super Cosmic Hero, X-lead” with 【Burst】.

The 【Burst】 ability of “Super Cosmic Hero, X-lead” is that when its attack hits, you can draw 1 card if its Power is 35000 or more, and if it has 40000 or more Power, you can Stand 1 of your ally Rear-guards. And of course, Powering up is required to activate 【Burst】, “X-lead” has a handy Act ability to help with that. YOu activate it by flipping a card in your G Zone face-up, then you can Rest up to 5 of your ally Rea-rugards, and for each Unit you Rest, 1 of your Ally Rear-guards and X-leade itself gain 4000 extra Power. By Resting 4, its Power increases by 16000. With a total of 40000 or more power, you can attack having fulfilled the conditions of 【Burst】. Of course, it’s also good to combine “X-lead” with “Bravest Rush, Grangallop” who we introduced before. With the Stride Skill of “Grangallop”, you can have your Vanguard with the 【Burst】 ability gain 8000 Power, meaning you should easily be able to fulfill the conditions of 【Burst】!!

The Character Booster “We Are!!! Trinity Dragon” contains many cards that support 《Dimension Police》’s 【Burst】 ability. So look forward to future information!

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