Winning “Create A Card” Contest Cards

Two of which are confirmed to be printed in upcoming Vanguard Products!

Grand Prize – Junior Division
Harisen Worker (This will become a Card)
Gear Chronicle

A Harisen is a kind of fan used often in Japanese Comedy Duo bits where the Straight Man hits the Funny Man.

Grand Prize – Senior Division
Brilliant Cool Dragon (This will become a Card)
Royal Paladin

Akira Itou’s Choice
Dark Elemental, Starla
Cray Elemental

Quily’s Choice (To appear in the current issue of Mini Van)

炎の料理人 ディー Literally “Flame Chef, Dee”, but it could be Flambe Chef, Dee.

I’m like half certain the name is supposed to sound like Day, as in catch of the Day.

Hirakazu Raichi’s Choice (Vanguard G Mangaka)
Time-Grasping Gear Cat
Gear Chronicle

Monthly Bushiroad TV’s Choice
Summer Dream Maiden, Nem
Neo Nectar

Editoral Department’s Choice
Masked Magician, Joker
Pale Moon

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