[Weekly News Bits] The One with V Nextage

The ace of Chrono’s V Era Deck is revealed

  • Vanguard ZERO Information
  • 2 new <<Gear Chronicle>> cards from “The Next Stage”
  • A sample fight between Ahsha and Altmile Decks

The Vanguard Ultra Big Card Fes is being canceled due to COVID-19. As a result any events being held there besides the Vanguard ZERO Tournament will be canceled,as well as any pre-release

Festival Collection will be delayed until May 22nd, 2020.

The only cards from the Shin’emon era that will be reprinted in Festival Collection will be First Vanguards, no VR Reprints!

Majesty Lord Blaster

May 22nd 2020

4 Majesty Lord Lord Blaster (New Card)

4 Blaster Blade
4 Blaster Dark (New Card)
4 Starcall Trumpeter (New Card)
2 Knight of Silence, Gallatin

4 Wingal Brave (New Card)
4 Knight of the Harp, Tristan
2 Cloud Lancer, Gmoris
2 Pluck Enchanter

1 Barcgal
4 Flogal (Critical Trigger)
4 Future Knight, Llew (Critical Trigger)
4 Flash Shield, Iseult (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal Trigger)

3 Light and Shadow, Crossing Engrave (Normal Order) (New Card)

Special Fight Pack Volume 8 + 1 Coupon Card

Winner Card: “Arboros Dragon, Timber”

“New Order From Vanguard!!” (April 10th to May 21st)

The title for Touraments being held for the first month and a half after The Next Stage comes out. It’s Standard Clan Fight format.

Power Rise Elixir will be given to participants, while Tactics of Knowledge, Stout Arm Chapter will be given out to top players at the event.

Screenshots from throughout Shin’emon

Screenshots from Remind 30

Remind 31: Three Idols!? Shin Nitta
The story of Shinemon crossing the two eras must have been completed, but Shinemon and Shin are two of them!? Shinemon and Shin reflect on the everyday life of the two eras.

Vanguard ZERO Championship 2020 is currently ongoing

The current Vanguard Zero event is fighting against Mai to get Neo Nectar Cards and Forest themed furniture.

Get Shadow Paladin Cards in the Gacha

Blossoming Maiden, Cela
Grade 2 / Normal / Zoo – Neo Nectar – Bioroid
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[CONT](RC):If you have a unit with the same card name as your vanguard on your (RC), this unit cannot be retired by card effects, and gets [Power]+5000.
[ACT](VC/RC):[COST][[email protected]], and call up to two Plant tokens to (RC). (Plants are grade 0/[Power] 5000/[Critical] 1 and have boost)

Trial Deck Ahsha Contents

4 Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha
4 Genteel Knight, Orvell

4 Blossoming Maiden, Cela
4 Sincere Maiden, Malwreath
3 Maiden of Bot Fist
1 Power Rise Elixir (Normal Order)

4 Budding Maiden, Diane
2 Maiden of Blue Lace
4 Sprouting Peach
3 Amimelo Melon (Sentinel)

1 Spring-Heralding Maiden, Ozu (First Vanguard)
4 Night Queen Musketeer, Daniel (Critical Trigger)
3 Chestnut Bullet (Critical Trigger)
4 Samaritan Knight, Borith (Draw Trigger)
1 Maiden of Blossom Rain (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Fairy Light Dragon (Heal Trigger)

3 Two-Sided Gift Marker
1 Quick Shield
3 Plant Token
2 Ahsha’s Flower Fairy Token

Trial Deck Altmile Contents

4 Blue Sky Knight, Altmile
4 Unite Reat Dragon

4 Absolute Blade Knight, Livarot
4 Splendid Knight, Lux
3 Sage of Contemplation, Tedan
1 Power Rise Elixir

4 Pioneer Knight, Epaticus
4 Lunar Crescent Knight, Felax
3 Indestructible Knight, Earina (Sentinel)
2 Melodious Angel

1 Shining Knight, Millus (First Vanguard)
4 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical Trigger)
3 Flogal (Critical Trigger)
1 Flash Shield, Iseult (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Bringer of Imperial Blessing, Reigra (Draw Trigger)
4 Healing Pegasus (Heal Trigger)

3 Double-Sided Gift Markers
1 Quick Shield

TryThree Sleeves


Chronodragon Nextage
Grade 4 / Normal / Dark Zone – Gear Chroniclee – Gear Dragon
Power 15000
[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle that it attacked a grade 3 or greater vanguard, if your soul has a “Chronojet Dragon”, [COST][discard two cards from your hand], retire this unit, ride a “Chronojet Dragon” from your soul as [Stand] and until end of turn, that unit gets [Power]+15000, and you cannot ride.

Smokegear Dragon
Grade 2 / Normal / Dark Zone – Gear Chronicle – Gear Dragon
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[AUTO](VC/RC):When it attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of that battle. If you rode a grade 4 this turn, [COST][Soul-blast 1], and draw a card.
[CONT](RC):If your vanguard is “Chronojet Dragon”, when you would discard a card from your hand, it may be discarded as a grade 3.

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