[Article] Those who Live in a Ghost Ship Under the Seven Seas

Ahoy Cardfighters, this is SilentHonors, your resident Granblue fanatic and it’s time to begin the first of many deck and strategy articles from various players!
Today we’re taking a deeper look at the most notorious Pirate Bands on Cray, and their current effects on the real life card game meta. So today, we’ll be taking a look at probably the most despised type of Granblue, Nightmist and his Seven Seas Pirates, We have two variants to cover so let’s get into it.

Nightmist is a busy man and he can’t pay attention to his crew all the time, and when he doesn’t, his crew rampages on their own and Grade 1 Seven Seas is born. “You know this is not what I expected them to do when I told my crew to ‘Do whatever you want.'” is what he would say.

Call it 7Runner, 7Crush, it doesn’t matter, this recently touched by the Restriction List Archetype of Granblue has terrorised Stride-locked decks with its ability to reach power thresholds, multi-attack and get free card advantage from its namesake card pictured above.

The secret to this deck’s ridiculous strength despite being led by a Grade 1 Vanguard can easily be attributed to 4 different cards.

What do you mean I’m being led by a lower-ranked member of the Seven Seas?

Pictured here is ultimately the heart of the deck, its design is what caused this deck to exist in the first place. Let us first take a look at her second ability, It’s the ability to superior call herself by discarding herself allows you to effectively have Grade 2 rear-guards with all the benefits of your Vanguard being a Grade 1.
As she gets rid of Grade 2 or higher cards in your hand to call herself, you’re effectively trading either completely useless or drop zone synergy cards for a 9K Rear-guard that can intercept.

Her first ability allows her to hit higher power thresholds to improve your offense, and all 4 of these cards will contribute to her power boost.


and having a Superior Call effect is the basics of getting free advantage?

Nightspinel’s Partner-in-crime and the second Grade 2 in this deck. Despite being a ‘Grade 1’ Deck, this deck abuses the fact that Slash Shade and Nightspinel can both superior call themselves, bypassing the restriction that you cannot normal call them.
Typically discarded to bring Nightspinel back from the Drop Zone, Slash Shade provides a deadly extra 11K attack for CB(1) and an retire of a Grade 1 or higher.
With an extra attack, intercept and potentially bumping Nightspinel above power thresholds, Slash Shade is an all-star in this deck and is the main reason you should actually be watching how much damage you’re dealing per turn to a player with this deck.
Of course, being careful of how much Counterblast you’re giving a Granblue player is important against all relevant Granblue decks.

Man that backyard must be a pain to maintain.


The ultimate field fixer, Nightcrow allows you to retire anything that isn’t a Nightcrow to bring himself back to the field, this allows the deck to effortlessly form 16K columns alongside Nightspinel to form an unyielding offensive force.

He is also perfect Slash Shade fodder and gives you +1 when used alongside Nightrunner

Please ignore the fact that I’m literally in ‘Seven Seas’

The poster child of the deck, despite that his job is pretty simple, attempt to fill your drop with these 4 cards if you don’t have them already, if you do, he’ll solely be used as Nightcrow fuel for a free rear-guard, who can say no to free Rear-guards?

As we all know, Nightrunner has quite recently been hit by the restriction list, however the hit wasn’t directly targeted at this variant, although it affects it as well, but slightly more sinister variant that is now defunct due to the restriction list.

When Nightmist joins his crew in their fun-times of destroying Stride-based decks, a deck akin to Sanctuary Guard Dragon and Bladewing Assassin is born.
That’s right, it’s a deck based on outright winning the game with the very first Stride.

Unlike the Grade 1 variant, who tends to use Geena as their starter to discard Nightspinel/Nightrunner to get the ball rolling, this deck uses Nightrunner as the SVG and runs 3 extra copies in the deck.
Similar to the previous variant, it will rush the opponent relentlessly, but with a difference. They will actually ride up to Grade 2, and use Nightrunner’s ability without care.

This is what I would considerĀ a ‘7Runner’ deck, true to its namesake, where Nightrunner is the backbone of the deck, his main purpose isn’t the free plus anymore, it’s his ability to completely demolish your own deck size.


The reason? The one last difference that sets this variant apart from the original, the existence of Mick the Ghostie.

The entire game plan of this deck is simple, rush your opponent, Stride with <10 decksize thanks to Nightrunner and thanks to the ability of Granblue G-units to call units, call Mick the Ghosties to increase Nightspinel’s power to incredibly high levels, using Nightcrow to force Micks to be shuffled back and finish the game with Stand Triggers.

Due to this deck being almost non-GB restricted apart from Mick and with access to Twin Drive and Break Ride alongside Plegeton, this variant actually has a favourable match-up against the original Grade 1 version.
There’s a reason Nightmist is their leader you know.
Alas, this deck is now no-longer functional due to the Nightrunner restriction.

Sadly, this is the ultimate current fate of Seven Seas competitively, once a powerhouse, playing honestly, beating their opponents with unparalleled efficiency due to Nightmist and his G-unit.
Now reduced to a niche deck used to punish pure Generation Break decks as Nightrose took the throne as the ultimate G-Based Granblue deck with the advent of G-BT08.

Will G-CHB03 bring them back to glory or just improve on their dastardly tactics of preying on Generation Break decks? We’ll see in a few weeks.
Join me next time as I cover in vivid detail the current and upcoming glorious reign of Nightrose as the ultimate pirate of Granblue.


Interest in all things TCG, and resident Granblue aficionado.

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