[V-BT04] Bushiroad Vilest! Deletor Deck Recipes

Or: Upgraded Villain Decks

最凶!デリートエンド! Vilest! Delete End!

A 《Link Joker》 Deck that fights by Deleting the opponent’s Vanguard.
Make full use of Deleting and Binding face-down to throughly eradicate the enemy!

4 Waving Deletor, Greidhol
4 Docking Deletor, Greion

3 Lie-down Deletor, Given
2 Hailing Deletor, Alba
2 Hailing Deletor, Elro
4 Swift Deletor, Geali

4 Opener of Dark Gates
3 Ill-fate Deletor, Drown
4 Embroil Deletor, Jaerga
Ferment Deletor, Gaen

1 Sprout Deletor, Luchi (First Vanguard)
4 Asteroid Wolf (Critical Trigger)
4 Pulse Monk of the Quaking Foot (Critical Trigger)
4 Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
4 Lady Healer of the Torn World (Heal Trigger)

These Are The Important Cards!

“Waving Deletor, Greidhol”
Your opponent’s Rear-guards cannot move to another Rear-guard circle!
Bind 1 of your opponent’s Rear-guards face-down and Delete your opponent’s Vanguard!
And, this card gains another Critical, making it an ace card that applies further pressure on the opponent!

“Lie-down Deletor, Given”
It allows your Vanguard to stand again, making it perfect for a clinching blow!
If you combine it in tandem with “Waving Deletor, Greidhol” who has Deleted the opponent’s Vanguard, with an additional Critical, is likely to drive your opponent to the point of despair!

Introducing Ideal Plays!

Ride with “Docking Deletor, Greion”, and Delete with its Act ability! By paying the cost, you’ll be able to activate it during your next turn as well!

Delete with “Waving Deletor, Greidhol”, and then pull off a powerful blow with the ability of “Lie-down Deletor, Given” to Stand again adn attack once more!
With Delete and a total of 3 Drive Checks, you’ll practically be able to decide the game unless your opponent has a massive amount of cards to Guard with!

ガスト・ブラスト・ストリーム!!! Gust Blast Stream!!!

A 《Shadow Paladin》 Deck that raises Criticals. Aim to finish things in one strike with the full might of “Blaster”!

4 Gust Blaster Dragon
4 Phantom Blaster Dragon

4 Dark Bond Trumpeter
1 Blaster Dark
3 Blaster Dark
4 Darkness Maiden, Maha

4 Black-winged Swordbreaker
1 Mage of Ensnarement, Konor
4 Black Sage, Charon
4 Skull Witch, Nemain

1 Fullbau (First Vanguard)
4 Darkside Trumpeter (Critical Trigger)
4 Death Feather Eagle (Critical Trigger)
4 Dark Shield, Mac Lir (Draw Trigger/Mac Lir)
4 Abyss Healer (Heal Trigger)

These Are The Important Cards!

“Gust Blaster Dragon”
A Trump card that gets more and more powerful by Retiring your Rear-guards to increase its Criticals.
By paying its Cost to Retire 2 Rear-guards, you can increase its own Critical to 3!
As well, you can draw 1 card, Retire an opponent’s Rear-guard and have it gain Power+10000!

“Black-winged Swordbreaker”
Call it with Units that Call 5000 Power Units from your Deck such as “Skull Witch, Nemain” and “Dark Bond Trumpeter”!
You can Call it without using your hand, allowing you to protect your hand, while thinning the Deck!
It’s also very good as it allows you to draw 1 card when it’s placed!

Introducing Ideal Plays!

Call “Black-winged Swordbreaker” from the Deck with “Skull Witch, Nemain” to amass cards in the hand and on the field!


Skyrocket “Gust Blaster Dragon”‘s Critical and attack!

悪夢の舞台・終焉の祝砲 Stage of Nightmares; The Final Gun Salute

A 《Pale Moon》 Deck that freely swaps cards from the Soul to overrun the enemy. Taste the power of “Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage” that seals away Sentinels!

4 Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage
4 Golden Beast Tamer
1 Nightmare Doll, Alice

4 Miss Direction
4 Dancing Princess of the Night Sky
4 Jumping Jill

4 Brassie Bunny
4 Purple Trapezist

These Are The Important Cards!

“Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage”
Discard all of your Soul with a Soul Blast to grant this card 5000 Power and the ability to prevent Sentinels from Guarding!
If you have 0 Soul, it can Stand again, making it a powerful ace that can repeatedly prevent Guarding with Sentinels!

“Miss Direction”
When placed, place a Grade 1 or lower Rear-guard into the Soul, then draw 2 cards, and place 1 card from your hand into the Soul!
Place cards you need into the Soul, and then aim to attack multiple times!
Place “Purple Trapezist” into the Soul for a Cost, then place the Unit you plan to Call from your hand into the Soul!

Introducing Ideal Plays!

(1) Ride “Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage” on top of a Grade 3!!
(2) After attacking with all of your Rear-guards, Attack with “Gun Salute Dragoon, End of Stage”! Place all of your Rear-guards into the Soul, then Stand it!!
(3) Call “Purple Trapezist” and “Nightmare Doll Alice” again from the Soul!!

“Control of darkness”

A 《Dark Irregulars》 Deck that can even Call Guardians from the Soul. Quickly accumulate Soul and win the game with flashy successive attacks!

4 King of Masks, Dantarian
4 No Life King, Death Anchor
2 Master of Fifth Element

4 Flirtatious Succubus
4 Dark Soul Conductor
3 Blood Sacrifice, Ruthven

4 Dimension Creeper
4 Alluring Succubus
4 Vroukalakas

1 Vermillion Gatekeeper (First Vanguard)
4 Werluchs Gefreiter (Critical Trigger)
4 Blitzritter (Critical Trigger)
4 March Rabbit of Nightmareland (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
4 Cursed Doctor (Heal Trigger)

These Are The Important Cards!

“King of Masks, Dantarian”
A Defensive Trump Card that can Guard with Grade 2 or higher cards from the Soul.
When an opponent Unit is Retired, you can Soul Charge 2 cards, allowing you to rapidly accumulate Soul!
It’s the perfect Unit to use in tandem with “No Life King, Death Anchor”!

“Dimension Creeper”
If there’ a Grade 3 in your Soul, its base power becomes 13000!
You can place this card from your Soul to the bottom of your Deck to Soul Charge 3 cards!
It’s an extremely handy card that can be quite handy in accumulating Soul!

Introducing Ideal Plays!

(1) Retire an opponent’s Unit with “Flirtatious Succubus”!
(2) Strengthen allies with “King of Masks, Dantaria”! Amass Soul!!
(3) Guard from the Soul, and prepare to amass Soul with “Dimension Creeper”!


(1) Re-Ride “Master of Fifth Element” with the ability of “No Life King, Death Anchor”!!
(2) Attack with your Vanguard 3 times, and on the second and further attacks you’ll have an additional Critical! Also, you can Stand all of your Rear-guards!! In total, you’ll have 6 Drive Checks!!

神業!決闘龍王の斬撃 Miraculous! Slash of the Dueling Dragon King

A 《Murakumo》 Deck that restricts your opponent’s moves. Fight your foes with a combination of offensive and defensive tactics!

4 Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI
3 Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU
4 Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki

3 Stealth Fiend, Jakotsu Girl
3 Right Arrestor
4 Left Arrestor

4 Stealth Fiend, Rainy Fiend
4 Jumping Invader
4 Stealth Dragon, Reikou Slag

1 Stealth Beast, Cat Devil (First Vanguard)
4 Stealth Beast, Moon Edge (Critical Trigger)
4 Stealth Dragon, Zanba Rider (Critical Trigger)
4 Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage (Draw Trigger/Perfect Vanguard)
4 Stealth Fiend, Yukihime (Heal Trigger)

These Are The Important Cards!

“Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI”
A powerful ace that gains an additional 5000 Power and 1 Critical with both “Right Arrestor” and “Left Arrestor” in play!
If there is a “Dueling Dragon” card in your Soul, your opponent cannot Guard with Units other than Grade 0s!

“Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki”
When placed, 3 of your opponent’s front row Units lose Power-5000!
If it’s on the Vanguard Circle or Guardian Circle, they lose Power-10000 instead!
When an attack fails to hit, you can add a “Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki” from the Drop Zone back to the hand!

Introducing Ideal Plays!

(1) Use the ability of “Fantasy Petal Storm” to reduce the power of 3 of your opponent’s front row Units by 5000!
(2) “Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI” obstructs your opponent’s ability to defend, allowing you to go all out with all of your Units!! Your opponent’ll be unable to Guard with anything other than Grade 0s!

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