[COTD] [D-LBT03] Sweltering Heat, Lucretia & Attractive Qualities, Vally

The sweltering heat is a mood.

D-LBT03/021 RR 2022 すうぇるてぃんぐひーと ルクレティア Sweltering Heat, Lucretia
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Lyrical Monasterio – Human
Power 8000
Shield 5000
ACT (RC) COST [Soul Blast 1], and look at the top card of your deck. (Return it to its original spot after confirming it)

D-LBT03/045 R 2022 惹きつける資質 ヴァリィ Attractive Qualities, Vally
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Lyrical Monasterio – Warbeast
Power 8000
Shield 5000
Powerful – AUTO (RC) When the attack this unit boosts hits, if your soul has no cards, choose one of your units, and it gets Power+5000 until end of turn.


I'm Boxshot.

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