Welcome to our new project!

Welcome to the new home of Cardfight: Vanguard news.

Hey there, I’m Dan. I represent a tightly knit team of translators and card game players dedicated to bringing you the clearest, fastest, and most accurate translations and news pertaining to the game of Vanguard.

Our team consists of a few dedicated translators, all of whom play the game passionately, and will be aiming to translate and localize, into article form, all the information pertaining to the game.

You can expect posts about the card of the day from Bushiroads website, any new info from their weekly Vanguard streams, and Vanguard info from issues of Monthly Bushiroad Magazine as well as much more. In the coming months we’ll expand to covering lore, and decklists as well, so stay tuned!

We will not be selling any cards on this website, nor will the content of our articles be censored or edited in any way to influence the market of the game. We believe information is more important than profits.

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