[Weekly News Bits Z] The One With A Special Q&A

Way too many questions.

May 2018 Shop Tournament Cards

G Standard Participation Card: Favored Pupil of Light and Dark, Llew
G Standard Winner Card: Air Element, Sebreeze

Standard/Premium Participation Card: High Dog Breeder, Seiran
Standard/Premium Winner Card: Pongal

June 2018 Shop Tournament Cards

G Standard Participant Card: Lava Flow Dragon
G Standard Winner Card: Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin

Standard/Premium Participant Card: Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka
Standard/Premium Winner Card: Lizard Soldier, Raopia

The May 2018 Women’s Shop Tournament Prizes are the same as the normal ones.

Premium and G Standard start applying in Japan on April 17th, 2018.

For BanG Dream!, Roselia will be doing a cover of “Believe in my existence” to be released May 2018.

Q. Will Chrono and the G Series Cast Appear in the reboot?
A. [Answer Not Transcribed]

Most of these questions we can’t provide answers due to lack of transcription of answers (Go Bushiroad)

Summary of major concerns and questions

Q. How long will Premium Standard last?
A. For the foreseeable future, “Premium = Current Regulations” and “Standard = New Regulations” will stay as they are.

Q. Can you make your own Gift Markers?
A. We’d prefer you to use official goods at official events, but you can do so for free play.

Q. Do you treat Gift Markers as Circles? What about Lock?
A. No. It’s not a card, it’s a marker. Even if the card above it is Locked, it remains.

Q. What happens if a Unit with a Gift Marker is Dominated?
A. Markers belong to the opponent, so their effects do not apply.

Q. What happens if “Protect” leaves your hand?
A. After being placed on a location, it returns to where you place Gift Markers on the field.

Q. Can Daikaiser break “Protect”?
A. Since Protect becomes a Unit while on the Guardian Circle, it can be broken.

Q. Do existing Stand Triggers become Power+10000?
A. Nope.

Q. What happens to Stand Triggers?
A. There are no further plans to include them at this time. But that’s just “for the moment” as it stands. As long as you’re in the right format, you can play with them as you desire.

Q. What about “Narukami”, “Oracle Think Tank”, “Pale Moon” and “Granblue” RR Heal Triggers with effects?
A. Though it make take an unknown amount of time, we plan to release these, don’t worry.

Q. What happens if you place “Force” on a Legion’d Vanguard Circle? What about Front Circle?
A. You give both cards in Legion a 10000 Power Pump, for a total of 20000. Front Triggers also pump both by 10000.

Q. Will there be no more 3DS games?
A. That depends if Free makes more.


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