[Weekly News Bits] The One with V Evolved Altmile

Let’s use “We’ve got our backs to the wall” tactics.

  • Campaign Starts
  • Reference Art for Shindo Chrono
  • 2 <<Royal Paladin>> from “The Next Stage”

The official Vanguard channel will be holding a campaign in which fans can answer quizzes about the TV show from the V era and get prizes as a result.

Bushiroad is joining in for an Electronic Book Fair from April 1st to 14th, allowing free access to several of their comics.

The first six volumes of Cardfight!! Vanguard will be available for free.

The first four volumes of Mini-Van will be available for free.

The first 2 volumes of Vanguard G Stride Generation will be available for free.

The first volume of Swordsman of Light will be available for free.

Bermuda Triangle: Karen on Stage will be 30% off.

Another Vanguard: Seido no Asuka will beĀ  30% off.

Also starting March 19th you’ll be able to read the first 3 volumes of Cardfight!! Vanguard on Monthly Bushiroad’s website

Episode 29 Screenshots

Shindo Chorno Reference Art

Remind 30: A New Vanguard

After an unexpected reunion, Shin Nitta must once again fight using the moniker “Shinemon”, a name he hasn’t gone by in over ten years. The fight that will lead Shinemon to his new future begins.

You can get a Special Majesty Lord Blaster promo card for attending the Finals Tournament for Vanguard ZERO. It can be used in Premium Standard! It’s given to first to fourth place.

There will also be an Original Illustration Playmat for the top 3 players of the event.

The Clan Fight for Late March is on “Trump of Bravery”. It also features a chance to get a game exclusive artwork of “Starcall Trumpeter”

The current Clan Event is based on Mai and Emi, allowing you a chance to get vital Neo Nectars from Mai, as well as Forest themed furniture for your room.

Get 10 Packs worth of cards

Get Misaki with her work hours apron.

Also Vanguard Zero will be available via PC soon

Counteroffensive Knight, Suleiman
Grade 2 / Normal / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[AUTO](VC):When placed, look at seven cards from the top of your deck, call up to one card with “Altmile” in its card name to (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[AUTO](VC/RC):When it attacks, [COST][Soul-Blast 1 & return a rear-guard in another column to your hand], and this unit gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle.

Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile
Grade 3 / Normal / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Gift: Force
Power 13000
[CONT](VC):If you have no face up cards in your damage zone, all of your grade 2 units get [Power] +10000/[Shield] +5000, and if your soul has a card with “Altmile” in its card name, those units get [Critical] +1.
[ACT](VC)[1/turn]:[COST][Counter-Blast 1 & Soul-Blast 1], call up to one grade 2 each from your deck and drop zone to (RC), and shuffle your deck.

Next week is the Trial Deck Special


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