[Weekly News Bits] The One With V Altmile

This week, Altmile gets introduced.

  • Vanguard Festival News
  • Anime Information
  • 2 <<Royal Paladin>> Cards From Trial Deck -Altmile-

Uchi Van

Pop-Up CornerĀ  at the GraffArt Shop until March 5th, with exclusive Vanguard Goods.

PriRoll Cakes featuring Aichi, Shin’emon and Chrono.

Vanguard Ultra Big Card Festival Tickets start going on sale on March 6th and last until March 16th, 2020.

Card Sleeves (900 Yen)

  • Aichi 2020 Version
  • Chrono 2020 Version
  • Shin’emon 2020 Version
  • Esu-Card
  • “Crystal Pop Star, Eve” SP Version
  • “Aurora Star, Coral” SP Version
  • “Top Idol Pacifica” SP Version
  • “Top Idol, Riviere” SP Version

Deck Holder Collection (800 Yen)

Vanguard Festival 2020 Commerative Storage Box (800 Yen)

Rubber Playmat (2700 Yen)

Remind 28: Our Wings
The final battle which serves as the experiment to connect Earth and Cray unfolds at Ryuzu Labs on the night of the crescent moon. Can Shinemon stop Tatsuya from devoting himself completely to the experiment?

March 8th will be a Climax Special for the Shine’mon arc, going over the story from the looks of it.

Opening Theme for Vanguard If will be “What-If Wonderland” by Argonavis.

If you start now, you’ll be able to get 50 Packs worth of cards in Vanguard Zero

Vanguard ZERO Championship 2020

March 7th and 8th

White Day Goods and ItemsĀ  now for White Day on Vanguard Zero

  • Royal Paladin: March 5th to 7th
  • Kagero: March 8th to 10th
  • Oracle Think Tank: March 11th to 13th
  • Nova Grappler: March 14th to 16th

Absolute Blade Knight, Livarot
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed from hand, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], search your deck for up to one grade 2 card, call it to an open (RC), and shuffle your deck. If you have no face up cards in your damage zone, you may pay “Soul-Blast 1” for this cost.

Blue Sky Knight, Altmile
Grade 3 / Normal / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Gift: Force
Power 13000
[CONT](VC/RC):During your turn, if you have no face up cards in your damage zone, this unit gets [Power] +15000.
[ACT](VC)[1/turn]:[COST][Counter-Blast 1 & Discard a card from your hand], search your deck for up to two grade 2 cards, reveal them and put them into your hand, and shuffle your deck.



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