[Weekly News Bits] The One with Pacifica

The smallest and most legendary fishy fish idol revives.

  • Monthly Bushiroad
  • The Release of Vanguard Zero
  • Pacifica Cards

Are the focus of this week.

The next WGP event at Hiroshima will have Izuru and Mark’s voice actors as the special guests.

Vanguard and PriRoll are doing Vanguard Christmas Cakes

Erudite Euphony, Lanante
Grade 1 / Normal / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 8000
Shield 10000
CONT](RC):If you have five or more rear-guards, this unit gets “Intercept”, and [Power] +2000.

Vanguard Zero’s key features are:

  • Character Fighters
  • My Room
  • Story
  • Ranked Fights

Crystal Pop Star, Eve and Auroral Star Coral have the SP illustrations revealed for Crystal Melody

Character Decks for Nanami, Esuka and Tonori are revealed

As well, information for the current plot and the 4 year time skip are revealed.

Asuka has Asuka use her ace card.

Mini-Van focuses on Amaterasu and Christmas.

Remind 15 Key Screenshots

Remind 16: Trial of Deities
Having surpassed her tests, Shin’emon begins his revenge match against Esuka. During the fight, Esuka talks about her own experiences to the rash, inexperienced Shin’emon.

For December there will be a special present each week for the Japanese release of Vanguard Zero!

A bunch of Vanguard Zero commemorative events are being held in Japan in tandem with Crystal Melody with a chance to get various promotional cards.

At the Pre Release Event for Crystal Melody, you can play with 1 of 5 Decks

  • Revierie
  • Pacifica
  • Coral
  • Melody
  • Highlander

Topping Mascot, Serio
Grade 1 / Normal / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 8000
Shield 10000
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], look at seven cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to one “Top Idol, Pacifica” and a “Refined Poiser, Urszula” each from among them and put them into your hand, and shuffle your deck. If your and your opponent’s vanguard are grade 1, you may pay “Soul-Blast 1” for this cost.

Refined Poiser, Urszula
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Gift: Force
Power 13000
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], search for up to one “Top Idol, Pacifica” from your deck and drop zone, reveal it and put it into your hand, and if you searched your deck, shuffle your deck.

Top Idol, Pacifica
Grade 3 / Normal / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Gift: Force
Power 13000
[ACT](VC)[1/turn]:[COST][Soul-Blast 1], and activate all of the effects below according to the number of your rear-guards with “Pacifica” in their card names.
・1 or more – This unit gets [Power]+10000/drive +1 until end of turn.
・2 or more – You get two Imaginary Gift: Force.
・3 or more – Until end of turn, when your opponent would call from his or her hand to (GC), he or she must call three or more at the same time.

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