[Weekly News Bits] The One with Negrolazy I Guess

That name keeps worrying me.

  • Collab Cafe News
  • “Witch Doctor of Languor, Negrolazy”
  • Harri Deck Vs Nightrose Deck

GraffArt CAFE in Ikebukuro

August 15th to August 31st

10 AM to 7 PM

  • Everyone in the Cardfight Club! Let’s Vanguard! (600 Yen + Tax)
  • Aichi & Emi’s Recommended Special Drink (600 Yen + Tax)
  • I Love Blaster Pair Too Parfait (900 Yen + Tax)
  • The Assiticat Also Helps! Exquiste Pancake (900 Yen + Tax)

  • Accessory Case (Lemon Soda Included) (800 Yen + Tax)
  • Character Clear Container (A5 Size) (800 Yen + Tax)
  • Acrylic Stand (Random) (800 Yen + Tax) (Box: 8000 Yen + Tax)

  • Lunch Tote Bag (1500 Yen + Tax)
  • Tin Badge (Random) (480 Yen + Tax) (Box: 4800 Yen + Tax)

  • Character Acrylic Figure (1600 Yen + Tax)
  • Character Clear Container (45 Size) (800 Yen + Tax)
  • Tin Badges (2 Set) (1000 Yen + Tax)
  • Accessory Case (Lemon Soda Included) (800 Yen + Tax)
  • Luncheon Mat (1500 Yen + Tax)

Get a random coaster with your Drink or Food

Tenth Anniversary Countdown Campaign

10 People will get a Poster of the original  Trial Decks

In honor of the release of Cardfight!! Vanguard Turnabout, the full color version of Cardfight!! Vanuard goes on sale for E-Books for 800 Yen

Vanguard If Episode 9

Episode 10: “I Can’t Finish Eating!! Food Fight With ESP!?”

The Magical Girls visit Miyaji Academy, to find traces of the Cardfight Club that Aichi founded and belonged to. However, what they find is Nakajimi Eru and his “Foodfight” Club!

Gacha with RRR Ticket

抹消者 ストライクダガー・ドラゴン Eradicator, Strike-dagger Dragon
Grade 0 / R / Narukami
Power 5000
[Forerunner] (When rode upon, move it to RC)
<RC> If your vanguard is “Supreme Army Eradicator, Zuitan”, [put this unit and a “Sword Dance Eradicator, Hisen” into your soul] to ride an “Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant” from your deck, and draw a card.

剣舞の抹消者 ヒセン Sword Dance Eradicator, Hisen
Grade 1 / C / Narukami
Power 6000
<RC> When this unit boosts “Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant”, [Soul Blast 1] to get [Power]+5000 until end of battle.
(It does not activate if the boosted [Power] is equal to or greater than the opponent’s.)

覇軍の抹消者 ズイタン Supreme Army Eradicator, Zuitan
Grade 2 / RR / Narukami
Power 9000
<VC/RC> When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, if your vanguard is an “Eradicator”, Soul Charge 1 & Counter Charge 1.

抹消者 ドラゴニック・ディセンダント Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant
Grade 3 / RRR / Narukami
Power 11000
<VC>[Limit Break 4][1/Turn] When this unit attacks, it gets the following ability until end of battle.
“<VC> At the end of the battle this unit attacked, if the attack did not hit during that battle, [Counter Blast 1 and discard two “Eradicator” cards] to stand it, draw two cards, and get [Critical]+1 until end of turn.”
<VC> [Counter Blast 2] to get [Power]+5000 until end of turn.

抹消者 ガントレッドバスター・ドラゴン Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon
Grade 3 / RRR / Narukami
Power 11000
<VC>[Limit Break 4] When your opponent’s rear-guard is retired by your card effect, this unit gets [Power]+3000/[Critical]+1 until end of turn.
<VC> [Counter Blast 2] to retire 1 of your opponent’s rear-guards at random, with priority to the back row.

Witch Doctor of Languor, Negrolazy
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Magallancia – Granblue – Demon
Power 9000
Defense 5000
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, you may call a grade 0 from your drop zone to (RC).

Trial Deck & “The Next Stage” Purchase Campaign

For each copy of “Chronojet”, “Altmile” or “Ahsha” bought, or every 6 packs of “The Next Stage”, get 1 Promo Pack.

Coupon Exchange Promo Card Clans Revealed

  • Shadow Paladin
  • Angel Feather
  • Murakumo
  • Dimension Police
  • Dark Irregulars
  • Aqua Force
  • Gear Chronicle
  • Royal Paladin
  • Neo Nectar

The Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin and Neo Nectar Promos will also be in the PR Pack for the Trial Deck and Next Stage Campaign. Their abilities will be revealed on the August 4th Stream

2 Starry Pop Dragon

4 ‎Masked Magician, Harri

4 Card Dealer, Jacqueline
4 Lore Pigeon, Pop
4 Magia Doll, Prana
4 Magia Doll, Lunatec Dragon

3 Masquerade Bunny
4 Magia Doll, Darkside Mirror Master
4 Magia Doll, Flying Peryton

1 Happiness Collector (First Vanguard)
2 Darkside Sword Master (Critical Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Poison Juggler (Critical Trigger)
4 Dynamite Juggler (Critical Trigger)
2 Hades Hypnotist (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Tender Breeder (Heal Trigger)

4 Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose
2 Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon

4 Pirate Swordsman, Colombard
4 Greed Shade
2 Stormride Ghost Ship
2 Captain Nightmist

4 Tommy the Ghostie Brothers
4 Witch Doctor of Powdered Bone, Negrobone
3 Ripple Banshee
4 Dancing Cutlass

1 Undying Departed, Grenache (First Vanguard)
2 Rampage Shade (Critical Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Rough Seas Banshee (Critical Trigger)
4 Knight Spirit (Critical Trigger)
2 Gust Djinn (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Good Luck Charm Banshee (Heal Trigger)

Granblue Clan Pack

Pale Moon Clan Pack (Harri)

Pale Moon Clan Pack (Silver Thorn)

Dark Irregulars Clan Pack

Nightrose and Harri

SP Clan Packs will be given to 2 Japanese citizens via a Twitter Campaign

Grade 1 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Shadow Paladin – High Beast
Power 6000
Shield 10000
[AUTO](RC):When your grade 3 or greater vanguard is placed by riding from a grade 3, COST [Soul Blast (1) & retire this unit], and draw a card.

  • Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora
  • Intimidating Mutant, Darkface
  • Capture Mutant, Sticky Bolas
  • Cradle Marker
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