[Weekly News Bits] The One with G Unit Errata

There’s not much to talk about this week

Weekly Vanguard News Bits: Episode 61

  • Currently On Sale! Monthly Bushiroad Corner
  • Royal Paladin RRR Introduced
  • Doctor O’s Oracle Think Tank vs Nack’s Narukami Fight
  • All Parallels from “Aerial Steed Liberation”

August 2019 Issue of Monthly Bushiroad is out.

100 People who buy Monthly Bushiroad of the August 2019 Issue will get a copy of Vanguard EX (50 copies of Switch, 50 copies of PS4)

[AUTO](RC)[1/turn]:When your “Blaster Blade” is placed during your turn, [COST][Soul-Blast 1], and this unit gets [Power] +10000 until end of turn.

“Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier” is in “Phantom Steed Restoration”.

Monthly Bushiroad has a “500 Yen Start Deck Blaster Blade” x “Aerial Steed Liberation” Deck

New Chapters of Asuka and Mini-Van Hi!! are in the current issue

Vanguard EX has 1300+ cards included and includes every card up until Extra Booster “The Raging Tactics” (Out of September 6th, 2019)

Soma is your in gane rival.

Shiyuri is the game’s heroine.

Dimension 9 Screenshots

Dimension 10: Stand Up!! Vanguard Koshien!!
The time has come as the four main high schools enter the Vanguard Koshien Finals. Fukuhara vs Harumi. As they tie with each other, the one who succeeds will be the one to win the match.

Errata for G-BT09/015EN “Sky Guardian Supreme Dragon, Bulwark Dragon” to clarify when the ability is triggered.

Text from 7/12 (7/29 for English) onwards: [AUTO]:When retired from (GC), for every four cards in your opponent’s bind zone, choose up to one [Rest] rear-guard in your opponent’s front row, and retire it.

Errata for G-BT05/004EN “One Who Views the Planet, Globe Magus” to make it’s interactions more intuitively understandable.

Text from 7/12 (7/29 for English) onwards: [AUTO](VC):When your unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), or when a card is put into your trigger zone, if you have a heart card with “Magus” in its card name, you may look at the top card of your deck, and put it on the top of your deck.
Knight of Truth, Gordon
[CONT](RC):During your turn, all of the “Blaster Blade” on your (VC) or (RC) get [Power] +5000. If your “Blaster Blade” is in the same column as this unit, this unit gets “Boost”.

4 Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi
4 Hexagonal Magus

4 Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi
4 Rectangle Magus
2 Promise Doctor

4 Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi
4 White Hare of Inaba
3 Tetra Magus
2 Oracle Guardian, Gemini

1 Godhawk, Ichibyoshi
4 Battle Sister, Ginger (Critical Trigger)
4 Psychic Bird (Critical Trigger)
2 Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical Trigger)
2 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Sphere Magus (Heal Trigger)

4 Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon
2 Great Composure Dragon
3 Detonix Drill Dragon

4 Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-Ou
4 Supreme Army Eradicator, Zuitan
4 Dragonic Death Scythe

3 Desert Gunner, Gaiban
4 Rising Phoenix
4 Demolition Dragon
1 Dragon Dancer, Regina

1 Brat Dracokid (First Vanguard)
2 Spark Edge Dracokid (Critical Trigger)
2 Yellow Gem Carbuncle (Critical Trigger)
2 Malevolent Djinn (Critical Trigger)
4 Wyvern Guard, Guld (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
2 Old Dragon Mage (Draw Trigger)
4 Worm Toxin Eradicator, Seiobo (Heal Trigger)

Parallels from Aerial Steed Liberation
Bushiroad will be showing off Aerial Stead Liberation Decks posted on Twitter
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