[Weekly News Bits overDress] The One with the Vanguard ZERO G Update

Another week of various clean up

Weekly Vanguard News Bits overDress #30


Event & Tournament News

  • Anime Episode #14 Fight Breakdown

Vanguard ZERO Special

  • The Guest is Chrono’s VA: Ishii Mark-san!
  • ZERO Friend Fight Exhibition Match!
  • Important Information

Special Playmat as the prize for this week’s Keyword Campaign for Twitter followers in Japan!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Turnabout Volume 2 is on sale!

You can get “Exotic Dragnar Armor”

For Cardfight!! Vanguard Turnabout Volume 2’s release, chapters 55 to 58 of Cardfight!! Vanguard, the original manga, is on sale.

Aichi appears in the current issue of Monthy Bushiroad’s chapter of Turnabout!

Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress 10th Anniversary World Grand Prix

The Main Tournament is Standard!

Pre-Tournament Winner can move onto the main event which then filters to the Decisve Tournament at the Big Vanguard Festival 2022!

Pre Tournament is November to December, the regional main events are being held between… December to March

With the Finals in April!

Big Vanguard Festival 2022 is April 29th to 30th at Tokyo Big Site’s 3rd and 4th Hall

October 9th and 10th was the “Weiss Schwarz & ReBirth presents HoloLive Production Festival” that contain

Episode 14: エクスペクター vs バスティオン/再起 Exspecta VS Bastion/Comeback
Tohya, as the new leader, takes odd jobs to repair the property damage he inflicted on the amusement park, and Yu-yu, while he has ton of complicated feelings, helps Tohya. Ultimately, Tomari suggests the two resolve their differences with a Vanguard Fight. Yu-yu VS Tohya. What’ll be the results of their rematch…

Key Screencaps for Episode 14!

Yu-yu’s Deck

Ride Line
4 Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana (Grade 3)
4 Blaze Maiden, Reiyu (Grade 2)
4 Blaze Maiden, Rino (Grade 1)
1 Sunrise Egg (Grade 0)

Grade 3
1 Vairina Exspecta
1 Vairina Valiente

Grade 2
2 Vairina
3 Vairina Arcs

Grade 1
2 Stealth Dragon, Tensha Stead
4 Twin Buckler Dragon (Sentinel)
2 Extremist Dragon, Velocihazard

Grade 0
4 Trickstar
1 Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over Trigger)
4 Blaze Maiden, Zonne (Critical Trigger)
3 Blaze Staff Monk, Cho Kuu Sha (Draw Trigger)
4 Blaze Maiden, Parama (Front Trigger)
4 Blaze Maiden, Rona (Heal Trigger)

2 Sunlight Punishment (Grade 3)

Tohya’s Deck

Ride Line
4 Apex Ruler, Bastion (Grade 3)
4 Knight of Heavenly Spear, Rooks (Grade 2)
4 Knight of Heavenly Sword, Fort (Grade 1)
1 Knight of Heavenly Bows, Base (Grade 0)

Grade 3
3 Unsurpassed Heavenly Impact, Ragreal
2 Heavenly Bow of Edifying Guidance, Refuerzos
4 Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden
3 Dark Strain Dragon

Grade 1
4 Painkiller Angel
4 Aegismare Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0
1 Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa (Over Trigger)
4 Knight of Heavenly Hammer, Gurgant (Critical Trigger)
3 Knight of Heavenly Pierce, Gallus (Draw Trigger)
4 Bard of Heavenly Song, Alpacc (Front Trigger)
4 Healer of Heavenly Staff, Arshes (Heal Trigger)

1 The Hour of Holy Judgement Cometh (Grade 3)

Episode 15: オトメグサ/和解 Otomegusa / Reconciliation

Yu-yu and Tohya become worried about Megumi who hasn’t been around since Danji left town. With no way to contact Megumi, Yu-yu and the gang…

A Creditless version of the new ED is on the official Japanese YouTube Channel!

The next Radio Show episode is October 16th, 2021 on the HiBiKi Radio Show!

This week’s short story is “Knight of Severe Punishment, Gade”

This week’s campaign prize: A Special Playamt!

October 13th, 2021 onwards you can get a special pack for every 1000 Yen spent at participating partner stores! It come with 14 cards, 13 of which come in Holo!

It’s filled with Holo versions of currently released cards!

There are 999 copies of a general overTrigger of Yu-yu in his cross-dressing clothes!

Greedon, Nordringer and Flagberg Decks get new support in Booster Pack 4!

The Vanguard G update Special!

Vanguard G’s episodes are running throughout October!

Ishii Mark is doing the Fight Corner!

Vanguard overDress & Vanguard ZERO goods on sale from October 29th to November 23rd at the Tokyo Anime Center Pop-Up Store Area

Acrylic Stands of Vanguard ZERO Characters: 1650 Yen

Unit Acrylic Stands of Cards from Vanguard ZERO: 1650 Yen

Georama Acrylic Stands: 1100 Yen

Trading Mini Badges: 550 Yen (Pack); 8250 Yen (Box)

Trading Cap Badge Mini Character Version: 495 Yen (Pack); 3950 Yen (Box)

Mini Vanguard Large Trading Cap Badge: 495 Yen (Pack); 5940 Yen (Box)

Acrylic Stand: 1320 Yen

Trading Acrylic Charm: 495 Yen (Pack); 2970 Yen (Box)

Clear File Vol. 3 Anime 2nd Season Key Visual: 550 Yen

Graphic T-Shirt Wonder Hill (L): 4400 Yen

Rank Fight New Season!!

October 16th to 31st: Champion 2021 Autumn

Holy Swordsman of the Morning Star

LEGEND 3: Sleeve “Blue Sky Knight, Altmile”
LEGEND 5: Sleeve “Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon”
LEGEND 10: Card “Blue Sky Knight, Altmile”

Season Event Silhouette

Next Week’s Weekly Vanguard News Bits overDress

The Shaman King Special!


  • 8 RRR and Over Triggers!
  • Special Tournament & Box Bonuses Revealed!
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