[Weekly News Bits overDress] The One with No Major Reveal

A lot to say but no main reveal

Vanguard News Bits overDress #29


  • The New Assistant Makes Their Debut!
  • The Latest News And Info About The Second Season of the Animated Series!
  • Monthly Bushiroad Information!
  • Details About Booster Pack 4: “Awakening Chakrabarthi”

This month’s Bushiroad has news on the animated series, and the Start Deck for Mirei!

Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Keter Sanctuary – High Beast
Power 7000
Shield 5000
ACT (RC): Cost [Rest this Unit], choose 1 of your Vanguards, it gains Power+5000.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Turnabout #2

Release October 8th, 2021

Exotic Dragner Armor
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Kagero – Human
Power 13000
Imaginary Gift: Force
[AUTO](VC)[1/Turn]:Trigger effects do not activate for the damage check of this ability. When this unit attacks, [COST][Counter-Blast 2 & Soul-Blast 1], if your opponent’s damage zone has four or less cards, choose one of your opponent’s vanguard, and deal one damage. If you [Soul-Blast] a card with “Overlord” in its card name for this cost, and your opponent’s damage zone has three or less cards, deal two damage instead of one.

Sendou Aichi will debut in Turnabout in this month’s issue!

Major Screenshots from Episode 13

Episode 14: エクスペクター vs バスティオン/再起 Exspecta VS Bastion/Comeback
Tohya, as the new leader, takes odd jobs to repair the property damage he inflicted on the amusement park, and Yu-yu, while he has ton of complicated feelings, helps Tohya. Ultimately, Tomari suggests the two resolve their differences with a Vanguard Fight. Yu-yu VS Tohya. What’ll be the results of their rematch…

A preview of major screencaps from Episode 14

October 18th: Episode 15: オトメグミ/和解 (Lady Megumi/Compromise)

October 25th: Episode 16: ネルトリンガー/潜入 (Nordringer/Infiltration): Danji VS Haruka

November 1st: Episode 17: 封焔の巫女/対決 (Sealed Blaze Maiden/Showdown): Danji VS Mirei

November 8th: Episode 18: グリードン/貪欲 (Greedon/Avarice): Megumi VS Shinobu

November 15th: Episode 19th: 黒いトリクスタ/遭遇 (The Black Trickstar/Encounter): Yu-yu VS Mirei

Character Visuals for Season 2!

The Season 2 Preview and the Second Opening are on the Vanguard YouTube Channel!

Twitter Campaign for Japanese Fans. Get either a Poster or a Box of one of the first 3 core Booster Packs!

The next episode of the Radio Show is October 16th, 2021 on HiBiKi

The next set “Awakening Chakrabarthi” goes on sale December 24th and covers cards from the Five Greats!

120 Cards with 107 Parallels variants

RRR: 15
RR: 15
R: 30
C: 60

DSR: 2
SSR: 5
SP: 50
H: 50

The new Vairana, and what looks to be an evolution of Nirvana

A New Bruce and Bastion!

A new Aurora Battle Princess and Magnolia!

The Boxes for the 4th Booster Pack come with Exclusive Sleeves, 4 copies of 1 design.

You’ll randomly get 1 of 4 Designs!

First Printing only!

300 People will be able to get a Serial Number included with Special Card Present Campaign!

If you spend 2000+ on new product at partner stores, you can added to a lottery to get a special Serial Number Over Trigger with the Season 2 Visual!

December 24th, 2021 to January 31st, 2021

The next Episode of Dokodemo Vanguard wll be October 7th, 2021

The Vanguard Autumn Festival 2021 is October 29th 2021 to November 23rd, 2021, at select Pop-Up Store Areas!

The next Vanguard Day is October 26th, 2021

Some players randomly get a Playmat of Bruce and his teammates!

Standard Format; Nation Fight

At 100 Stores nationwide through Japan, players can get PR Cards, Power Counter and the Vanguard Fighter Certificate.

Also you can potentially get a “Twin Buckler Dragon” with a Framless foiling as a present!

DraVan Tournaments at Dragon Star stores will be held on November 7th, 2021.

Physical and Remote!

500 Yen to pay to enter.

The Promo Card is an Over Trigger.

The Top 4 get a variant of this Over Trigger and a playmat of the Cardinal series!

2 Random contestants at each tournament get an additional Playmat!

Spend 1000+ on Product at Dragon Star, you get a DraVan Over Trigger!

Vanguard Masters Cup 2022 Spring has been confirmed!

This next VMC will have Standard and V Standard Format! Each format will have an Exclusive Illustration PR Card!

This week’s short story is “Stealth Dragon, Fushimachi Madoka”

Until October 7th is the “Everyone Let’s Stride Campaign”

Until November 1st is Special Log-In Bonuses; Start Dash Missions; Story Clearing Campaign; Newbie and Comeback Log-In Bonus

Get Kamui’s G Appearance as a new Fight Skin, usable with Nova Grappler Decks!

Clan Fight Challenge from the 11th to 18th. Get your hands on new Nova Grappler cards, including a new Stride!

Meteokaiser, Victoplasma
Grade 4 / G Unit / Nova Grappler
Power 15000+
• [Stride]
• [(VC)] [Generation Break (2)] [1/Turn] Activate by paying Counter Blast (2) and [G Persona Blast]. During that turn, Drive-1 and it gains the following ability.
“[(VC)] [1/Turn] When a Battle ends when this Vanguard attacks, [Discard 2 cards] to activate this. Stand this Unit and draw 1 card.”

GIAS Crisis and Stride Gate are being aired currently on live streams!

Next Week’s Vanguard overDress is…

The Vanguard ZERO Update Special!

  • Ishii Mark will be present as the VA of Chrono!
  • ZERO Friend Fight!
  • A ton of information will be revealed!


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