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Weekly Vanguard News Bits overDress #41


  • The Wrap Up for Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress Season 2 with Episode 25!
  • Information on the January 4th, 2022 New Years Vanguard News Bits! Guests and Other Info!
  • Vanguard ZERO is getting a huge update!!!! Information About The January Update!

January Tournaments are being held with Promos previously mentioned for V Standard, P Standard and Standard.

Shop Tournament participation gets you Coupon Cards

V Clan Collection Vol. 3 (12 Clan Exclusive Tournament)

V Standard Exclusive

January 22nd, 2022 to February 18th, 2022

Participants get an Imaginary Gift Force

Winners can get an Imaginary Gift Force II

Report of The December 25th World Grand Prix in Tokyo

The Title Cup for “Shaman King” was won by a Tao Ren Deck! (Deck Log: C6DH)

Single Fight -V Standard-

Genesis (Deck Log: FZ7P)

WGP Tokyo Tournament, A Block

Brandt Gate (Deck Log: BJDD)

B Block

Dragon Empire (Deck Log: 3M3Q)

C Block

Dark States (Deck Log: 47HC)

The most used Decks were Grade 4 Nirvana (17%); Grade 4 Seraph (17%); Barrowmagnes (13%) and Grade 4 Magnolia (13%)

The Next Event is in Fukuoka on January 16th, 2022!

The second Vanguard Fan Circle Event is ongoing

Nitta Shin: Birthday Set

December 28th is Shin’s birthday! Get a message, log in bonus, and you can even pay for a bonus set!

With the January 1st Update, you’ll now be able to customize your Skin!

A New Super Deck Arrives for <<Gear Chronicle>>!

Previous Rank Season Unique Illustration Cards and Sleeves join the Exchange Line-Up January 1st

Hashima Rin arrives on January 1st 2022 as a Fight Skin for Angel Feather!

In all non Story or Challenge Fights, if you go first, your First Vanguard will let you Draw 1 card when the First Turn Begins.

January 1st is the release of “Soul Strike Against the Supreme”

3 Times Only, Purchase 10 Packs of “Soul Strike Against the Supreme”, get a GR or RRR from “Sovereign Star Dragon”

January 1st to 15th is a new Rank Fight Season based on getting Sleeves of Claret Sword Dragon and Aurageyser Dragon, with a ZERO Exclusive artwork card for Claret Sword Dragon!

Bushiroad is challenging players to complete 1,080,000 Million Rank Fights by New Years to get a present!

There’ll be a New Year’s Campaign with exclusive stuff!

There’s now a Home Illustration choice, with 8 different options featuring Try Three. Get badges to collect them.

There’s New Year’s Gift Sets on Sale until February 1st, 2021

The First Four Seasons of Vanguard are continuously streaming on YouTube through January 2022!

DokoVan is going to be about the Great Nature Cards from V Clan Collection Vol. 4

The Vanguard overDress Radio Show is on HiBiKi Radio Station

Episode 25: overDress/Showdown

Yu-yu ascends to the top of Nagoya Castle’s final floor, to fight Mirei. With the fate of their team in the balance, the time to settle things has come.

Key Screenshots from Episode 25

There’s going to be an Interview about overDress Season 2

The Collab Cafe

Complete a Stamp Sheet at the Collab Cafe by Cardfighting to get Going First/Second Cards, as well as Over Triggers!

There’s a Fight Event, for Standard Format. Pay 15 Dollars to get started and it’ll be Free Fight format.

This week’s story lore is about “Vairina Esperaridea”!

The DSRs for Booster Pack 4 are Clamp’s artwork of Yu-yu and his aces!

Dragon Empire – Nirvana Deck
Dark States – Bruce Deck

Keter Sanctuary – Bastion Deck
Stoichea – Magnolia Deck

January 1st, the following cards will be revealed:

Sweet x Sweet
Graceful Prince, Meredith
Don’t Overeat! Eileen

January 4th, 2022 is the New Year Vanguard News Bits Special!

10th Anniversary News!

The 5th Booster Pack!

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