[Weekly News Bits] The One With Rondos and Battle Sisters

Bushiroad reveals the general layout of the new Link Joker products and the new Battle Sisters that supercharge the Deck.

Reference artwork for Kumi’s “Excite Battle Sister, Stollen“.

Highlights of this weekend’s Episode.

The following cards included in “Messiah of Rebirth”, the new Trial Deck

  • Alter Ego Messiah
  • Arrester Messiah
  • Destiny Dealer
  • Beloved Child of Superstring Theory

And the Deck comes with the new Messiah Grade 3 “Alter Ego Neo Messiah”

The major artworks for “Rondo of Chaos and Salvation”

You’ll be able to construct (a) “Chaos” and “Salvation” Deck(s) from this pack.

  • The Star-Vader Deck used by Noa
  • The Messiah Deck used by Ibuki

“Glendios” and “Deletor” Decks get further strengthened with new cards!

Rondo of Chaos and Salvation

Set Contents:
45 Different Cards (41 New Cards, 4 Reprints)

2 GR
8 RR
13 R
16 C

8 SP Cards
2 SGR Cards
4 Special Reprints

Normal Reprints:

  • Lady Gunner of the Neutron Star
  • Dark Metal Chameleon
  • Star-vader, Colony Maker
  • Star-vader, Paradigm Shift Dragon

Special Reprints:

  • Death Star-vader, Chaos Universe
  • Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon
  • Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath
  • Blink Messiah

Battle Sister, Kipfel
Grade 0 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Oracle Think Tank – Elf
Power 5000
Shield 10000
AUTO Forerunner
ACT (RC) GB1: [Place this Unit into the Soul] Choose 1 of your “Battle Sister” Vanguards, during that turn, it gains “CONT (VC): All of your “Battle Sister” Rear-guards gain Power+3000.”.

Battle Sister, Sable
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Oracle Think Tank – Elf
Power 9000
Shield 5000
AUTO: [SB1 – “Battle Sister”] When this card is placed on (RC), if you have 3 or more other “Battle Sister” Units, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, draw 1 card.

Excite Battle Sister, Stollen
Grade 4 / G Unit / United Sanctuary – Oracle Think Tank – Elf
Power 15000+
ACT (VC) 1/Turn: [CB1 & Choose 1 card from your G Zone with the same name as this Unit, flip it face-up] You can SC1. And look at cards on the top of your Deck equal to the number of “Battle Sister” Rear-guards on your field, then place those cards on the top and/or bottom of your Deck in any order you desire.
CONT (VC) GB3″ All of your “Battle Sister” Rear-guards gain Power+3000.

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