[Weekly News Bits] The One with Nothing Much

Mostly a “Unite! Team Q4” overview and some Deck Lists.

Unite! Team Q4 Commerative Event

Bushiroad Store Advent

You’ll be able to purchase Vanguard themed Doughnut snacks at the store.

There will be a Special Fight Event you can enter if you spend 1000 or more Yen on Product, but you must use clans from Unite! Team Q4

BCF 2018 Locations


Trio Fighter
Standard Tournament Fight

G Standard:

Single Fight
Bermuda Triangle Festa!
Clan Leader Fight

Fun Corner:

Friend Fight
Women’s Fight
Challenge FIVA Corner
Rental Deck Fight Corner

Clear Z Quests at BCF to see a secret gallery

Take a picture with the new Key Visual in your favorite pose

Ask for help from Bushiroad staff

On May 25th, Bushiroad will be heavily advertising “Unite! Team Q4” in Akihabara.

DVD Boxes

Screen Shots from Episode 3 of the reboot

Next Week is focused on Misaki and her backstory and her first Card Fight.

Card Shop Voyage’s general layout.

Upcoming will be a fight between Card Capital and Voyage, with Q4 facing off against NwO (Nagisa with Others)

4 King of Knights, Alfred
2 Alfred Early
2 Soul Saver Dragon

4 Blaster Blade
4 High Dog Breeder, Akane
1 Knight of Silence, Gallatin
1 Conjurer of Mithril
1 Sage of the Arts, Jauron

4 Knight Squire, Allen
4 Little Sage, Marron
4 Pongal
2 Wingal

1 Glyme (First Vanguard)
4 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical)
4 Flogal (Critical)
4 Flash Shield, Isolde (Draw)
4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal)

King of Knights, Alfred

4 Imperial Daughter
3 CEO Amaterasu
2 Victorious Dealer

4 Promise Daughter
3 Silent Tom
3 Goddess of Insight, Sotoorihime

4 Circle Magus
4 Oracle Guardian, Gemini
4 Farfalle Magus
2 Luck Bird

1 Lozenge Magus (First Vanguard)
4 Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical)
4 Psychic Bird (Critical)
4 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist (Draw)
4 Sphere Magus (Heal)

Imperial Daughter

“Perfect Raizer”, “Dragonic Waterfall”, “Imperial Daughter”, “King of Knights, Alfred”

“Asura Kaiser”, “Dragonic Overlord”, “CEO Amaterasu”, “Blaster Blade”

Imaginary Gift

Blaster Blade

Mini Sleeves

Next Time we’ll be seeing Unite! Team Q4 Decks

Mini Sleeves of the 4 aces from this set will go on sale June 29th, at a price of 740 Yen plus Tax

Cardfight Vanguard 2018 Caravan to be held from May 25th to May 27th in 20 stores nationwide.

Family Mart Circle K special set of 2 Pack of “Unite! Team Q4” featuring Wingal, an unusable Blaster Blade, and a special Aichi styled Imaginary Force, all for 650 Yen




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