[Weekly News Bits D] The One with the Booster Drajeweled

Also some new support for Diabolos Decks!

Weekly Vanguard News Bits #69


  • City Trial News! A Rundown on the “Solve a Riddle”
  • The latest news about “DELUXE”!
  • Anime Block PV
  • New Cards from BT06 are introduced! And, the cards from the anime are revealed!

Monthly Bushiroad August 2022 went on sale July 7th, 2022!

It contains a ton of news about Episode 1 of will+Dress, with special comments from Yu-yu and Urara’s voice actors!

It contains the new Dragritter promo that supports Overlord!

And there’s a double sided B2 Poster of will+Dress!!

Chapter 2 of YouthQuake is in this issue!

Turnabout Chapter 24, it’s Olivier and co. meet up with Raul Sera!

Frat Vanguard Meeting Report

The next Frat Vanguard Exchange Meeting is July 17th, 2022

World Grandprix DELUXE
Chihou Kappu DELUXE (Area Cup DELUXE)

The WGP Deluxe is 4 Events that will filter 2 Teams
Chihou Kappu Deluxe (Area Cup DELUXE) is 8 Events that will filter 1 Team for each
48 People in 16 Teams will attend Vanguard DELUXE

The WGP Deluxe Events (Running from September to November)

The Area Cup DELUXE Events (Running from Mid August to Mid November)

DELUXE Frame Rare PR Pack

The Frame Rares included are the Grade 0 to 2 Units of all the participants of DELUXE in the TV Show. This means there’s a total of 48 Frame Rares.

July 12th is Kenji’s Birthday

A Limited Birthday Set is available with 1050 Gems and Character Medals, the Medals can be used to obtain Banners and Emblems.

There’s also a Special Message and a My Room Present!

July 13th is Yuuta’s Birthday

A Limited Birthday Set is available with 1050 Gems and Character Medals, the Medals can be used to obtain Banners and Emblems.

There’s also a Special Message and a My Room Present!

Cards will debut in this game first that will be released physically!

There’s 1000+ different cards from the Standard Rule

An Original Story unfolds with a brand new self contained story set in the world of “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress”!

There’s a large number of characters based on the designs of Ito Akira-sensei!

Kondo Yu-yu

“Watch me go all out!”

A third-year middle schooler from Kanazawa, Kaga. After joining the night amusement park crew, he became captivated by the world of Vanguard. While he is highly intuitive and considerate, he is often troubled by his inability to say no.

Yuki is a Keter Sanctuary Unit user, with her ace being “Sword Saint Cavalry Dragon, Gramgrace”

Meanwhile, Kanji is a Dark States user, with his ace being “Demonic Purgatory Dragon Emperor, Favrnir”.

The Game’s Promo Cards:

Gramgrace comes in a Double Frame Rare (FFR) Foil that pre-releases before Booster Pack 8

Favrnir is a “One copy per Deck” card! It comes in Double Frame Rare (FFR) foiling!

Elementaria Sanctitude is reprinted as an RRR

The Promo Cards are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch release!

This Week’s Dokodemo Vanguard NEO…

A new Ride Line for Brandt Gate is introduced!? And… Heroes arrive in Standard!?

The Vanguard Creator Support System focuses on Daiyusha Reverse with the Youtube Channel Team KYL!

The Vanguard City Trials will be held from July 22nd to August 7th, 2022

To enter the City Trials, you need to solve a riddle… or pay 300 Yen

To solve the riddle, get a map from the event Staff, walk around the local area and go to key locations, if you solve it, you can win a Special Storage Box

Bushiroad gives a hint that only makes sense if you’re Japanese.

Next week will cover even more information!

Key screenshots of Episode 2 of will+Dress

The Creditless versions of the OP and ED are on the official channel!

Episode 3: 破天の騎士 Skyfall Knight

Yu-yu and the others who were invited arrive to the tournament. The tournament is “DELUXE”, which is a tournament planned to decide who is the strongest from 16 elite fighters hand picked by Jinki!

Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress airs every Monday at Midnight on TV Tokyo affiliates.

A program with Lyrical Lily at 11PM

This week’s Deck is Diabolos featuring Grade 4 Bruce!

(Deck Code: 251KL)

Monster Strike Volume 2’s Three Key Features:

New Ride Lines and New GImmicks! New Cards To Power-Up Pre-Existing Decks!

Brand New Illustrations! Lucifer playing Vanguard Cards appears!

Signed Cards by Voice Actors from the IP!

Tenka Goken are included! The Tenka Goken refers to the five greatest swords in Japan, presumably these will be “Dojigiri”, “Onimaru”, “Mikazuki”, “Odenta” and “Juzumaru”, which are all regarded as Imperial Family property or National Treasures protected by the state.

“Monster Strike” Volume 2 goes on sale October 21st, 2022

Drajeweled is the master of an underground labyrinth deep within The Dark States, and is the owner of magical stones that shine like rainbows.

Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dark States – Abyss Dragon
Power 13000
[ACT](VC)[1/turn]:[COST][Counter-Blast 1], and Soul-Charge 2. If the Soul-Charge cards have different grades from each other, you may draw a card.
[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, [COST][Soul-Blast 4 cards with different grades], choose one of your opponent’s vanguard, and increase or decrease its [Power] to 1 until end of turn. If your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit gets [Critical]+1. (The [Power] becomes 1 at that time, and can be increased or decreased after)

Booster Pack 7 is 烈火翠嵐 Rekka Suiran (Fierce Fire Storm)

It contains 90 Cards + Parallels

15 RRR
15 RR
20 R
50 C

On Sale September 30th, 2022

It contains cards from the 5 Greats.

Cards From Booster Pack 06

Merciless Count, Botis
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dark States – Demon
Power 13000
[AUTO](RC):When you Soul-Blast 2 or more at the same time for your card’s ability’s cost, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn. If you Soul-Blast 3 or more at the same time, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], choose a card from your drop,

Diabolos Reverser, Diandre
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Dark States – Demon
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (RC) from your soul, if you have a vanguard with “Bruce” in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn for every two cards in your damage zone.

Diabolos Diver, Julian
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dark States – Demon
Power 13000
[AUTO](RC)[1/turn]:When this unit attacks a vanguard, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], and this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn for each card in your damage zone. If you have a vanguard with “Bruce” in its card name, Soul-Charge 1 for every two cards in your damage zone. Choose up to the same number of cards Soul-Charge by this effect from your soul, and call them to open (RC).

Booster Pack 06: Blazing Dragon Reborn goes on sale August 5th, 2022

The Bushiroad Online Store will have exclusive Deck Holders each for 3300 Yen, featuring artwork of Yu-yu, Danji, TOhya and their aces drawn by CLAMP!

Next Week covers more information about…

The City Trials that start July 22nd, 2022!

Unpacking of the Trial Decks on sale July 22nd!

The “Youthberk” cards used by Raika in Booster Pack 6, as well as other new cards (including from the anime)!

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