Weekly News Bits D] The One with “Sylvan Horned Beasts”

Public Domain, bitches.

Weekly Vanguard News Bits D #93


2 New “Sylvan Horned Beast” Cards from Booster Pack 9: “Dragontree Invasion”

The last Weekly News Bits D of 2022! Look back at this year’s Vanguard!

Monthly Bushiroad February 2023

On Sale January 7th, 2023


will+Dress Season 2 News

DELUXE Winning Decks

Vanguard Fortune Ranking

YouthQuake Volume 1 goes on sale January 7th, 2023

Special Fight Pack D 2023 Vol. 1 is the tournament pack for January 2023

It comes with 3 New Cards, 3 reprints for Glitter Decks (with new Art) and 3 Encounter Support cards.

Merry Party Preparation runs for the end of the year!

Play <<Cake>> as a clan!

Nitta Shin’s Birthday is December 28th

Birthday Set

Log-In Message

My Room goods

Divine Dragon Apocrypha releases in the Japanese version of Vanguard ZERO on January 1st, 2023

Episode 12 of Radio+Dress is on December 30th

December 29th, 2023

Stoicheia’s RRR and RR cards of the current cycle, as well as an RRR and RR for Sealed Blaze

This week’s Lore is Keter Sanctuary

Vanguard ZERO Special

The Official Japanese Vanguard Channel s continuously streaming the V era anime (including the colorful pastoral)

Now Mirei and Raika’s fight is reconstructed

December 2021 ~ April 2022
10th Anniversary World Grand Prix

April 29th ~ April 30th, 2022
Dai Vanguard Matsuri 2022

July 22nd ~ August 7th, 2022
Vanguard City Trials

August 2022 ~ December 2022
World Grand Prix DELUXE & Area Cup DELUXE

December 10th, 2022

April 2021
New Characters were introduced at the Dai Vanguard Matsuri 2022

July 2021
TV Anime “will+Dress” airs

October 2021
24 Hour Continuous Rerunning of the Dress Era

100+ Goods were released this year

Bushiroad’s New Year Presentation for 2023 is on January 9th, 2023

It’ll have news about all of Bushiroad’s properties and will be livestreamed on Bushiroad’s Official YouTube Channel

It’ll have the latest news about  will+Dress Season 2

The Cray Cross Epic lore continues

Abend Robust is the Nova Grapple League’s top Battleroid in the modern era

Japanese fans are asked to fill out a survey about Minerva Rising, and 5 people will be able to get a Special Rubber Playmat

Buy 2000 Yen worth of new products, get 1 Set of 4 New Years themed Sleeves.

Sylvan Horned Beast, Winnsapooh
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Stoicheia – High Beast
Power 13000
[CONT]Deck/Hand: If you have a grade 2 or greater vanguard with “Sylvan Horned Beast” in its card name different from this card, this card gets grade -1.
[CONT](RC): If your vanguard with “Magnolia” in its card name was placed this turn, this unit gets [Power] +10000.

Note: Winnie the Pooh recently came into the Public Domain.

Sylvan Horned Beast, Goildoat
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Stoicheia – High Beast
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[AUTO]Drop: When your vanguard with “Magnolia” in its card name is placed during your ride phase, if your soul does not have a “Sylvan Horned Beast, Goildoat”, COST [put this card into soul], choose one of your vanguards, and it gets [Power] +5000 until end of turn.
[AUTO]Back Row (RC): When this unit attacks, this unit gets [Power] +10000 until end of that battle. At the end of that battle, if this unit is in the center column, [COST][retire this unit], and draw a card.

Booster Pack 09: Dragontree Invasion

Next week covers 3 new Youthberk cards for Keter Sanctuary Decks in Dragontree Invasion
Also a new Counter Heal(s).

Also a Variety Corner and New Year’s Campaigns

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