[Weekly Bits][Other News] Monthly Bushi Vanguard Manga Grand Prize & more

All the new stuff that isn’t cards but might be cool (if you live in Japan)!

Monthly Bushi Vanguard Manga Grand Prize
vanguard manga batoru

  • Manga Division
  • Name (rough draft)/Scenario Division
  • Short Story/Novel Division

Items to enter must be…
(1) Focused on Vanguard
(2) Unreleased original materials
4koma manga, stories focused on Fights, unit stories, and more are all OK!

Is it alright to use preexisting characters like Chrono, Aichi, their friends, and units? YES
Will parts from the winning/published stories become canon? NO

Of course, we’ll also be waiting to see stories with original characters and completely new worldbuilding, too!!

Check it out at the official store! Sales Kit
summer clan things
(1) Summer Seasonal Item (like related to the season, not necessarily limited sale seasonal) Fuurin wind chime and Fuurin wind chime tag
(2) POP is completed! (Point of Purchase – display stands for stores) Clan POP and OPEN CLOSE sign
(3) More shopping bags

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