[Zero] Changes to the VP system

Some important changes to Vanguard Zero in the JP version of the game, which could very well impact the Global version of the game.

Firstly, the next Rank Season will implement some changes.

At the start of the new season, the new VP Rewards will be implemented.

After the maintenance soon after, the new VP Point calculation and Rank Point increases will be implemented.

VP Rewards from Rank Fight

Previously, you got 2000 VP for each win or loss.

After the update, you get 3000 VP for each win. If you lose, you get 500 VP for each damage dealt to your opponent.

  • Up to 3000 VP can be acquired when defeated.
  • “Damage dealt to the opponent” counts the total during the whole fight. If the number of cards in the opponent’s damage zone is increased or decreased by a Heal Trigger or ability, it does not affect this total.
  • Character Fights are unaffected by this change (Remains as Stamina Consumed x 100)
Rank Point Changes

Previously the win/loss point changes were +20/-20.

After the update, the win/loss point changes are according to Legend Rank.

For Legend 0-9: +30/-20
For Legend 10-19: +25/-20
For Legend 20 and above: +20/-20

  • Acquired points for Legend Ranks up to 20 will be increased.
  • There are no changes to points gained for Ranks lower than Legend.
  • If your opponent’s rank is higher than yours, the points you acquire for a win/loss will increase/decrease. This has not changed.
Previous VP Reward List

New VP Reward list

Many of the My Room Furniture Coins have been removed, and replaced with Crafting Stones (Common Materials)
Total Number of Pack has been reduced to 6
Guaranteed RRR Ticket is now included

  • Rewards that can be repeatedly obtained via VP (every 100k VP after 1.2 mil) will be removed.
  • Required VP for all rewards have been reduced.

From the start of the next season until the start of the maintenance (1 July (Wednesday), 0000 to 0900 JST), the wrong list will be displayed. This will be fixed during the maintenance.

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