[VGE-V-CS01] English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard Collector’s Set 01: Q4 vs. AL4

A special set containing Gift Markers and international exclusive artwork!

A English original product exclusively available at CharaExpo USA 2018

It’s an Album that contains 16 Premium foil cards

8 Reprinted Units (3 of which have English exclusive illustration)
8 Gift Markers with Unit illustration

On sale November 10th and 11th, 2018

CharaExpo USA 2018 at the Aaheim Convention Centre in Anaheim, Calfornia

500 Sets available per Day (i.e. 1000 Sets in total)

Each set costs 80 Dollars


  • Blaster Blade (Exclusive Illustration)
  • Dragonic Overlord (Exclusive Illustration)
  • CEO Amaterasu
  • Asura Kaiser
  • Blaster Dark (Exclusive Illustration)
  • Gwenn the Ripper
  • Nightmare Doll, Alice
  • Swift Archer, FUSHIMI

Gift Markers:

  • Force (King of Knights, Alfred)
  • Force (Dragonic Waterfall)
  • Protect (Imperial Daighter)
  • Accel (Perfect Raizer)
  • Force (Phantom Blaster Dragon)
  • Protect (No Life King, Death Anchor)
  • Accel (Golden Beast Tamer)
  • Accel (Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU)


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