[VG-G-LD03] Legend Deck “The Blaster “Aichi Sendou””

The third Legend Deck, this time based around former protagonist and main character Aichi Sendou from the first 4 seasons and Neon Messiah movie!

The 3rd of the extremely popular Legend Decks appear! This third one is centered around Aichi Sendou’s 《Royal Paladin》 Deck! Classic Units used by Sendou Aichi return with new powers!

ブラスター・ブレード・エクシード Blaster Blade Exceed (Grade 3)
聖騎士王アルフレッド・ホーリーセイバー Divine King of Knights, Alfred Holy Saber (Grade 4)
大いなる閃光 イゾルデ Great Flash, Isolde
沈黙の勇士 ギャラティン Hero of Silence, Gallatin
小さな軍師 マロン Little Strategist, Marron
天祐の運び手エポナ Bringer of Divine Aid, Epona

Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saber is reprinted as an attached Promotional Card

Release Date is April 7th, 2017

Price is 3500 Yen


  • Preconstructed Deck
    [58 Cards with 18 Different Cards(50 Card Preconstructed Cards with 16 Different Cards + 8 G Cards with 3 Different Cards/16 New Cards & 2 Reprints]
  • Special Storage Box (Aichi Sendou)
    Size:Width 230mm× Height 75mm× Length 105mm
  • 70 Special Mini Sleeves (Aichi Sendou)
    Size:Height 89mm×Width 62mm
  • Special Vertical Deck Holder (Aichi Sendou)
    Size:Width 71mm× Height 97mm× Length 60mm
  • Special Fighter’s Counter (Aichi Sendou)
  • Clan Card (Aichi Sendou)
  • 2 Special PR Cards (“Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saber”) ※Reprint、Common Foil
  • Deck Guide (Flip Side is a Playmat)


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