[VG-D-BT01] Genesis of the Five Greats Product Information

The first pack of the new era that starts with Yu-yu and his friends at Wonder Hill!

7 Cards per Pack (300 Yen + Tax) (Each pack Contains 2 shiny cards

16 Packs per Box for 4800 Yen + Tax

120 Different Cards (all new)

10 RRR
15 RR
30 R
65 C

92 Parallel Cards (2 DSR/40 SP/50 H)
1 Token Card

DSR = Dress Secret Rare

H = Holo

The new series “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” starts in April 2021!!

All 5 Start Decks can be super charged with this pack with “Yu-yu Kindo -Holy Dragon-“!

And! Each Nation also includes a secondary theme you can build a brand new Deck from!!

Also, each Nation’s “Over Trigger” appears! Let’s fight with each Nation’s specialty!

Included Nations:
<Dragon Empire>, <Dark States>, <Brandt Gate>, <Keter Sanctuary>, <Stoichea>

New Rarities! Dress Secret Rare & Holo

Each pack includes cards with alternate Illustration!
Get your hands on these Super Ultra Rare Cards!

Yu-yuu & Trickstar (Drawn by CLAMP-senseis )
Nirvana (Drawn by ひと和-sensei)

These cards are reprints of the following cards from D-SD01 “Yu-yu Kindo -Holy Dragon-“:

Chakravarti Divine Dragon, Nirvana

Five Key Points of “Genesis of the Five Greats”!

(1) Carton Special Good! 1 Rubber Playmat!

A Rubber Playmat with the new Design!

Enjoy fights going forward with this Playmat!

(2) Box Special! Get 1 Set of 4 Sleeves from Among 7 Different Sleeves!

There are 7 Different Types of Sleeve Designs in Total!

1 Set of 4 Sleeves are randomly included with each Box!

7 Different Sleeves with the “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” Logo with their matching Character Image Color from the animated series!
These Sleeves are perfect for your Ride Deck!

(3) Pre-Order Bonus! Key Visual Illustration PR Cards & Post Cards!

If you pre-order VG-D-BT01 “Genesis of the Five Greats”:

1 D-PR/001 “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” PR Card (An Over Trigger)
1 “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” Post Card featuring the Key Visual

The PR Card can be used in Fights!

(4) Start of “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” Commemorative Original Rubber Playmat Lottery Campaign

Your lottery number is listed on the post card you get from Pre-Ordering!
333 People will receive a campaign exclusive original Rubber Playmat!!
Details of the Campaign will be released at a later date!

(5) Official Stoe Exclusive Campaign!

Further details will be revealed at a later date!


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