[COTD] [V-BT03] Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion & Friend

Staying true to the style of attacking your front row, Vermillion returns to do so once more.

V-BT03/023 RR ドラゴニック・カイザー・ヴァーミリオン Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Thunder Dragon
Imaginary Gift: Accel
Power 12000
ACT (VC) 1/Turn COST [Counter Blast 2], and this unit gets Power+5000/Critical+1 until end of turn. If your opponent has two or more rear-guards in the front row, instead of Critical+1, this unit battles all of your opponent’s units in the front row in one attack.

V-BT03/079 C 轟雷跋扈のワイバーン Thunderous Rampaging Wyvern
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Thunder Dragon
Power 9000
Shield 5000
AUTO (RC) When placed, choose up to one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and move it to another open (RC) in the same column as that unit. If you did not choose, this unit gets Power+3000.


I'm Boxshot.

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