Vanguard Project 2.0 and overDress Presentation!

Vanguard gets a major overhaul, a CLAMPriffic overhaul.

The 10th Anniversary Begins

10th Anniversary Goods Set for 3 people in Japan via Twitter Contest

New IP Information!


Let’s enter a new era of the Planet Cray.

The Planet Cray, 3000 Years in the future, has entered the 天輪聖紀(*) Tenrin Seiki era

* The Holy Era of the Heavenly Cycle (Localized as Chakravarti Divine Era)

The world has shifted to 6 Nations (the sixth unannounced)

  • Keter Sanctuary
  • Dragon Empire
  • Dark States (Dark Zones)
  • Stoicheia (Zoo & Magallencia)
  • Brandt Gate

Key Points of the Era of Planet Cray 3000 Years into the Future

The priestess’s prayers are answered, the divine “Chakravarti Divine Dragon” hatches from the egg, and the “Chakravarti Divine Era” begins.

① The deity “Gyze” disappears and the deity “Messiah” goes to sleep.
② The “Deity-less Era” (Mushin) arrives, an era without prayer.
③ Planet Cray loses its divine protection and becomes desolate.
④ The new nation of Brandt Gate prepares for the return of the Void.
⑤ The new nation of Keter Sanctuary is ruled by a floating island in the sky.
⑥ Zoo and Magallanica establish Stoicheia under the teachings of the Sage.
⑦ The Dark States are founded by a hero who has ended the nation’s internal strife.
⑧ The legendary dragon egg lies in the unchanging land of Dragon Empire.

The key of the new story is “Tenrin Sei Ryuu” (Chakravarti Divine Dragon)

The clans of United Sanctuary: Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Genesis, Oracle Think Tank, and Angel Feather have become “Keter Sanctuary”

Dragon Empire’s clans of Kagero, Narukami, Murakumo, Nubatama, and Tachikaze have consolidated under “Dragon Empire”

Star Gate’s clans of Dimension Police, Nova Grappler and Link Joker have become “Brandt Gate”.

Dark Zone’s “Dark Irregulars”, “Pale Moon”, “Spike Brothers” and “Gear Chronicle” have been united under the banner of “Dark States”

Zoo’s Megacolony, Neo Nectar and Great Nature and Magallanica’s Aqua Force and Granblue have united into a new nation, Stoicheia.

Bermuda Triangle’s country has become a new Nation, currently unrevealed.

Keter Sanctuary
• Formerly known as the United Sanctuary, it is the youngest nation on Planet Clay.
• Once a sacred kingdom of heroes who valued justice and order, the country has shrunk in size as a result of repeated civil wars and natural disasters.
• It is divided into two parts: the island floating in the sky where the ruling class lives, and the ground where the people live while looking up at it.

Dragon Empire
• It is the only country that has not changed its name over the past 3000 years.
• The borders of the country are constantly changing, but the country remains stable and prosperous thanks to its powerful armed forces, pillars of which are destructive weapons that combine magic and science.
• On the sacred peak that rises in the center of Dragon Empire is the Gyoukouin, which has been guarding the legendary dragon egg since time immemorable.

Brandt Gate
• In the old days, it was called Star Gate, and it flourished as an interstellar window (Star Gate) for visitors to Planet Cray from various dimensions. Even in this new era, its high level of science has helped it maintain a high level of culture and national power.
• In preparation for the return of the Void, the people of Brandt Gate continue to fight on the borders of the world, using their scientific power to counter the threats from other worlds.

Dark States
• A country that used to be called the Dark Zone. A magical nation of everlasting darkness ruled by the demonic family.
• It was divided into smaller kingdoms ruled by demon kings, but was reunited by a hero and Gear Chronicle.
• Thanks to the “law” brought about by Gear Chronicle and the cooperative relationship with Dragon Empire, the Dark States is now in a period of prosperity.

• Zoo, the oldest nation on Planet Cray, and Magallanica, home to sea creatures and an army of immortals, have become one nation under the teachings of the great sage Stoicheia.
• As seen in Stoicheia, the Old Zoo is a land where the world’s greatest minds gather, in a rich natural environment represented by the Sacred Tree. The wealth of resources and the unity of the people have led to the rapid growth of Stoicheia’s national power in recent years.

The Story of the new setting will be revealed via Twitter and the Official Website!

  • Read “Cross Epic” Profiles
  • Twitter Pictures “Cray Wandering”
  • World Building Column “Cray Archives”
  • Monthly Unit Profiles “Cray Catalogue”

Let’s head to the Cray of a 3000 Years in the future and the new stage of Cardfight–

Everything has changed!


The game switches from Clans to Nations

Marks that change in the new series:

  • Clan Marks becomes Nation Marks
  • V Icons are now D Icons

Under the new rules you choose one Nation from the cards with a D Icon to make a Deck.

There will now be 3 Formats for Events and Tournaments starting April 1st, 2021

Standard: D Icon Cards, New Cards will come from New Booster Packs at al (Each Pack has new cards for every Nation, multiple packs every years, also PR Cards)

V Standard (V Premium): V Icon Cards, New Cards will be provided by V Collection Extra Boosters released twice per Year covering all 24 Clans + PR Cards

Premium Standard (Premium): All Cards Legal, all current and old cards can be used

What does this mean to upcoming decks?
Under the clan system:
Policy of “strengthening all 24 clans at least once a year”.
→ Individual clans had to wait a long time in between buffs.
→ Players had fewer opportunities to add new cards to their deck.

Under the nation system:
All 5 Great Nations can be included in each booster, meaning every nation has a chance to be buffed.
→ Many more opportunities for players to improve their decks!

Rarities have been revised, removing the VR rarity, making the highest core rarity “RRR”

  • New Rarities will be H (Holographic), which is R and C cards with partial holographic finish and foiling
  • DSR (Dress Secret Rare), a super ultra valuable card per Booster Pack (as in the Set. Think ASR or Yu-Gi-Oh!’s old Ghost Rare rarity)

New Card Types for the New Series: The “Guaranteed Ride” system, which guarantees Rides to your favorite Unit!

(1) Set 4 cards from your Deck aside to form a “Ride Deck”

(2) Discard 1 card from your hand

(3) Ride your card from your Ride Deck to the Next Grade!

More details come in today’s Weekly Vanguard News Bits!

The ultimate Trigger Card “Over Trigger” appears, limited to 1 copy per Deck!

When you flip it for a Damage Check:

  • 100,000,000 Power & Resist the source of Damage!

When you flip it for a Drive Check:

  • 100,000,000 Power & an Extra Effect

These cards are designed to reflect the characteristics of each of the Six Nations!


Vanguard overDress

Vanguard overDress

Original Work: Bushiroad & Akira Ito
Executive Producer: Taka’aki Kidani
Director: Mori Ken
Character Design Drafts: CLAMP
Character Designs: Hiroyuki Saita
Anime Production: Kinema Citrus

Ark’s Notes:

This is Mori Ken’s debut as a Director.

CLAMP is the famous manga production team behind hits such as Cardcaptor Sakura, X/1999, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Angelic Layer

Saita was the character Designer for Revue Starlight

Kinema Citrus is the studio behind “Revue Starlight”, “Made in Abyss”, “The Rising of the Shield Hero”, and “Is the Order a Rabbit??”.

From Bushiroad:

Vanguard overDress animation Information! We’ve increased the quality this time round to appeal not only to TCG fans but also to a wider audience as well!


Yu-yu is a boy living in Kanazawa, Kaga Province.
He is 15 years old and in his third year of junior high school.
He has the ability to sense the feelings of others, but he is troubled by the fact that he cannot say no when asked.

One day, Yu-yu could no longer stand going along with his sister’shobby, so he ran away from home.
The one who saves him is Megumi Okura.
Meguim invites Yu-yu to a nighttime amusement park called “Wonder Hill” where her friends hang out.

At the amusement park, Yu-yu meets Megumi, Zakusa, Ishikame, and Tomari Seto, members of “Team Blackout”, a group that meets to play Vanguard every night.

Tonight, a serious fight for the team’s flag will take place.
Blackout’s leader, Danji Momoyama, and the Mysterious and powerful fighter, Tohya Ebata.
As Yu-yu stares at them, the card fight is soon eroded into a world of images.

This is how Yu-yu encounters Vanguard, a world he has never seen before, and is drawn in by its powerful allure- making new friends along the way.

Season 1 will be 12 Episodes and will air starting April 3rd for the Spring Cour!

Season 2 will be 13 Episodes and will air starting October 2021 for the Fall Cour!

The Anime will be available for international fans via YouTube

The show will be airing at 8 AM JST on TV Tokyo on Saturdays

Episode 1 will be uploaded onto the Japanese YouTube Channel on March 24th!

OverDress’s Opening Theme is “ZEAL of proud” by Roselia

Its Ending Theme is “Y” by Argonavis

You’ll be able to get Yu-yu and Megumi as Fight Skins in Vanguard ZERO, via Skin Exchange Medals in the latest Gacha!


March 25th 2021, Yu-yu, Danji and Tohya’s Trial Decks come out.

  • 近導ユウユ -天輪聖竜- Kondo Yu-yu -Chikravarti Divine Dragon (Yu-Yu Kondo -Holy Dragon-)
  • 桃山ダンジ -暴虐の虎- Momoyama Danji -Tiger of Tyranny- (Danji Momoyama -Tyrant Tiger-)
  • 江端トウヤ -頂の天帝- Ebata Tohya -Shangdi of the Summit- (Tohya Ebata -Apex Ruler-)

April 3rd, 2021, Megumi and Tomari’s Trial Decks come out

  • 大倉メグミ -樹角獣王- Okura Megumi -Sylvan Horned Beast King- (Megumi Okura -Sylvan King-)
  • 瀬戸トマリ -極光戦姫- Seto Tomari -Aurora Valkyrie- (Tomari Seto -Aurora Valkyrie-)

五大世紀の黎明 Godaiseiki no Reimei (Dawn of the Era of the Great Five) (Localization: Genesis of the Five Greats)

April 17th 2021 Release Date for Japan

120 New Cards

10 RRR
15 RR
30 R
65 C

2 DSRS, 40 SPs, and 50 H

1 Token Card

Included Nations:
<<Dragon Empire>>
<<Dark States>>
<<Brandt Gate>>
<<Keter Sanctuary>>

Cards with Illustrations signed by CLAMP will be included. Booster Packs are designed to be released to tie into developments in the TV show!

The second Booster Pack for OverDress comes out in June 19th, 2021 for Japan with the following nations:

<<Dragon Empire>>
<<Dark States>>
<<Brandt Gate>>
<<Keter Sanctuary>>

V Collection will be released in the Summer! It includes popular units from all 24 Clans, such as “Revenger, Raging Form Dragon” and “Blue Wave Dragon, Tetradrive Dragon”!

January and February will be the Clan Selection Plus Packs

March will be the guys’ Start Decks

Early April will be the girls’ Start Decks

Late April will be the first Booster Pack

Early May will be the Festival Collection 2021 Pack (Details Tonight via Weekly News Bits)

June will be the second Booster Pack

Late May, July and August’s Products will be announced via Weekly News Bits Tonight!

V Collection will be released sometime in July or August

Tonight’s Weekly News Bits will go over the upcoming information:

  • Comments by the Producers and Product Managers
  • New Units will be formally introduced
  • New Booster Products will be Confirmed
  • 10th Anniversary Collaboration Products will be announced
  • The Sixth Nation will be revealed
  • New Ride Rules


Are you Ready to FIGHT, Infinite Rebirth, and Vanguard (the first opening) are confirmed for D4DJ Groovy Mix

“Cardfight!! Vanguard”‘s various TV shows, the movie, and the Stage Shows will be available via services like Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, dAnimeStore et al starting February 26th, 2021

The new Trial Decks are 333 Yen in Japan, allowing one to buy all 3 Decks for 1000 Yen (about 10 US Dollars give or take)

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