[V-EB05] Full Set List

Finally… Bermuda season is over. For now at least.


V-EB05/001, V-EB05/SV01, V-EB05/SP01, V-EB05/SSP01 Colorful Pastorale, Sonata

V-EB05/002, V-EB05/SV02, V-EB05/SP02, V-EB05/SSP02 Colorful Pastorale, Canon

V-EB05/003, V-EB05/SV03, V-EB05/SP03, V-EB05/SSP03 Colorful Pastorale, Serena

V-EB05/004, V-EB05/SV04, V-EB05/SP04, V-EB05/SSP04 Colorful Pastorale, Fina

V-EB05/005, V-EB05/SV05, V-EB05/SP05, V-EB05/SSP05 Colorful Pastorale, Caro

V-EB05/006, V-EB05/SV06, V-EB05/SP06, V-EB05/SSP06 Top Star, Ciel

Full combined art of the SP illustrations of the Colorful Pastorale girls can be found in a previous article.


V-EB05/007, V-EB05/SP07, V-EB05/SSP07 Diva of Atlantea, Iryna

V-EB05/008, V-EB05/SP08, V-EB05/SSP08 Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura

V-EB05/009, V-EB05/SP09, V-EB05/SSP09 Heart Monopoly, Anezka

RR Cards

V-EB05/010 Greenness Energy, Sariya
V-EB05/011 Blue-Silver Diva, Brume
V-EB05/012 Mastery Cover, Minne
V-EB05/013 Favored Chidol, Eno
V-EB05/014 Fluffy Mystery, Prune
V-EB05/015 Rainy Tear, Stezza

V-EB05/016 煌きのお姫様 レネ Glittery Baby, Rene
Grade 0 / Trigger Unit – Draw Trigger / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 5000
Shield 0
[CONT]:Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with “[CONT]:Sentinel” in a deck.)
[AUTO](GC):When placed, COST [discard a card from your hand], and one of your units cannot be hit until end of that battle.

R Cards

V-EB05/017 Shapely Eyes, Ruhe
V-EB05/018 Super Hit Medley, Patelle
V-EB05/019 Devoted Time, Inasta
V-EB05/020 Friendly High Touch, Choltia
V-EB05/021 Reverberator, Dies
V-EB05/022 Beloved Nature, Fol
V-EB05/023 Admirable Solo, Atori
V-EB05/024 Very Sweet Girl, Laveur
V-EB05/025 Equable Career, Spiana
V-EB05/026 Officious Lucious, Toria
V-EB05/027 Creeping Girl, Est
V-EB05/028 Deliberate Bash, Straska

C Cards

V-EB05/029 Cute Obsession, Paparura
V-EB05/030 Social Fig, Antim

V-EB05/031 Up Up Flight, Rigolet
While this card is a card in Primary Melody, it is also a Promo card for the March 2019 issue of Monthly Bushiroad.

V-EB05/032 Welcome Sing, Uvuli
V-EB05/033 Glass Session, Ostina

V-EB05/034 幼き日の夢 ラデュー Strive Dream, Radieux
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[CONT](RC/GC):If you have a rear-guard with the same card name as your vanguard on (RC), this unit gets [Power]+2000/[Shield]+5000.

V-EB05/035 Bolstered Elegance, Rechal
V-EB05/036 Mischievous Overload, Schiller
V-EB05/037 New Idol, Piena
V-EB05/038 Self Management, Larathisse
V-EB05/039 Dance Queen, Pullach

V-EB05/040 Pure Gifter, Ariche (Reprint)

V-EB05/041 Max Shout, Curie

V-EB05/042 Direct Sign, Parshe (Reprint)

V-EB05/043 Lover Hope, Lina (Reprint)

V-EB05/044 Joyful a la Carte, Irma (Reprint)

V-EB05/045 Handmade Lover, Elena (Reprint)

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