[V-BT05] Card Review – Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel

It’s the eve of the release of V-BT05 Aerial Steed Liberation. Let’s look at what Gold Paladin can bring to the table.

Ezel is currently a dominant force in the game. Superior riding a grade 3 with Accel, to rush down your opponents with a barrage of attacks. And now, with V-BT05 coming very soon, “Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel” will pave the way for the future of Gold Paladin, alongside “Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin” and “Stronghold of the Black Chains, Hoel”

V-BT05/003 VR 光輝の獅子 プラチナエイゼル Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel
[ACT](VC):COST [Counter Blast (1)], and change this turn’s first drive check to “look at two cards from the top of your deck, reveal one card from among them in your trigger zone, and call one card from among them to (RC)”. If your soul has two or more grade 3 cards, change the second drive check of the turn and more as well.

This is where so many multi attack tactics can occur. You can end up calling two cards with your drive checks, and not to mention activate some on place abilities during the Battle Phase. Meaning a lot of crazy combos too. Most importantly, drive checks are now +2s instead of +1s, and even more so if you meet that “two or more grade 3 cards” condition. It’s a solid ability on its own, just too bad that it does not have any effects that increase drive. But that would be too much for one card already.

V-BT05/010 RRR 黒鎖の進撃 カエダン Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin
[AUTO](RC):When placed, COST [Counter Blast (1) & discard a card from your hand], look at three cards from the top of your deck, call one card from among them to (RC), shuffle your deck, and if “Stronghold of the Black Chains, Hoel” is on your (VC) or (RC), draw a card.

V-BT05/011 RRR 黒鎖の堅陣 ホエル Stronghold of the Black Chains, Hoel
[CONT](RC):Your other unit in the same column as this unit that was placed this turn gets [Power]+5000. If “Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin” is on your (VC) or (RC), it gets [Power]+10000 instead of +5000.

These two cards are a pair, and have to be looked at side by side. On their own, they have decent abilities, which just become better if both of them are on the field. Kahedin’s ability becomes a +1, and Hoel’s ability gives a high power boost. 10000 Power is nothing to scoff at (unless you happen to have a few perfect guards), and pluses are always welcome. Best part is that Kahedin can work during the Battle Phase too, allowing for some tricky combinations with other Ezels or other units.

That’s all for Gold Paladin’s segment. Tomorrow, will be the last of the VRs, and the release date of V-BT05. Stay tuned for next time!

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