[COTD] [D-VS05] Evil Armor Sovereign, Uragiraffa “Яeverse”

This is what happens when Giraffa embraces the Reverse into a bigger pick your poison situation.

D-VS05/078 RRR 2022 邪甲帝王 ウラギラファ “Я” Evil Armor Sovereign, Uragiraffa “Яeverse”
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Zoo – Megacolony – Insect
Imaginary Gift: Protect
Power 12000
AUTO (VC) 1/Turn When this unit attacks a vanguard, COST [Counter Blast 1], your opponent chooses one or more cards from their hand, and calls them to (RC) as Rest. Your opponent’s cards’ AUTO abilities do not activate from this call. If the number of cards your opponent called is less than the number of Grade 3 cards with “Giraffa” in their card names in your soul, COST [Lock a rear-guard], and Stand this unit.
AUTO (VC) During your turn, when your opponent’s rear-guard is placed, COST [Lock a rear-guard], and all of your front row units get Power+15000 until end of turn.

The last Megacolony reprint is Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors.


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