[V-EB13] Official Deck Recipes

The Decks of the Unit Summoning Experiment!

平穏脅かす獰猛なる爪痕 The Ferocious Scars That Threaten Peace

A <<Gear Chronicle>> Deck whose ace is “Chronotiger Rebellion”.
Take advantage of the skills that get stronger as the number of cards in your hand decrease!

4 Chronotiger Rebellion

4 Chronofang Tiger
1 Interdimensional Dragonknight, Lost Legend

4 Chronobite Tiger
4 Steam Scara, Il-kabu
4 Steam Mechanic, Nabu

4 Chronotooth Tigar
2 Steam Fighter, Zabaia
4 Wedgemove Dragon
2 Quicky Quicky Worker

1 Chrono Tigar (First Vanguard)
4 Steam Bomber, Digul (Critical Trigger)
4 Reclaim Key Dracokid (Critical Trigger)
4 Steam Guard, Kastilia (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Steam Doctor, Mar-lash (Heal Trigger)

禁忌を蝕む生命の翼 The Wings Of Life That Consume The Forbidden

An <<Angel Feather>> Deck whose ace is “Arch-aider, Malkuth-melekh”
Revive powerful units in masse from the Drop Zone, and hunt down your opponent with high power attacks.

4 Arch-aider, Malkuth-melekh
2 Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel
4 Crimson Impact, Metatron

2 Aid-roid, Zayin
4 Amputation Angel
4 Rear Impetus Celestial, Armaiti
1 Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel

2 Aid-roid, Lamedo
4 Sectio Angel
4 Multimedical Angel
4 Healthful Intendant

1 First Aid Celestial, Peniel
4 Critical Hit Angel (Critical Trigger)
4 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza (Critical Trigger)
4 Battle Cupid, Nociel (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Sunny Smile Angel (Heal Trigger)

スタンドアップ!ヴァルケリオン! Stand Up! Valkerion!

A <<Genesis>> Deck that aims to continuously attack with “Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion”.
Aim for repeated attacks with 70000 Power using Astral Pets.

4 Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion

4 Origin Deity of Heavenly Light, Uranus
3 Gleaming Lord, Uranus
3 Quaking Heavenly Dragon, Astraios Dragon

3 Phinomenus of the Constellations
4 Battle Maiden, Mutsuki
2 Prometheus of Dancing Lights

4 Dikei of the Just Path
4 Atlas of Heavenly Sphere
2 Deputize Bear

1 Pan of New Style (First Vanguard)
4 Battle Maiden, Kukurihime (Critical Trigger)
4 Cyber Tiger (Critical Trigger)
4 Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Witch of Big Pots, Laurier (Heal Trigger)

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