[V-BT01] Three Regional Reveals

V-BT01 card reveals from the over the weekend for Kagero and Royal Paladin.

Lizard Soldier, Raopia
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Kagero – Dragonman
Power 8000
Shield 10000
AUTO (VC/RC) When your opponent’s rear-guard is retired during your turn, this unit gets Power+5000 until end of turn.

Herculean Knight, Allobrox
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Power 9000
Shield 5000
CONT (RC) If you have five rear-guards, this unit cannot be attacked.

Lion Mane Stallion
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – High Beast
Power 7000
Shield 10000
CONT (RC) If you have four or more rear-guards, this unit gets Power+3000.



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