[COTD] [V-BT12] Nurse of Hold Heart & Black Spark, Munkar

Some form of field control with the power of excessive grade 0s in your hand.

V-BT12/049 C ナース・オブ・ホールドハート Nurse of Hold Heart
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Power 9000
Shield 5000
AUTO (VC/RC) When placed from hand, COST [Counter Blast 1], swap a unit card from your hand with a card from your damage zone. If you put a grade 0 into your damage zone, choose up to one of your opponent’s rear-guards, put it into the damage zone, and if you put your opponent’s rear-guard into the damage zone, your opponent chooses one card from his or her damage zone, and heals it. (Put the swapped card face up)

V-BT12/019 RR 黒衣の稲妻 ムンカル Black Spark, Munkar
Grade 0 / Trigger Unit – Critical Trigger / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Power 5000
Shield 30000
CONT Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with “CONT Sentinel” in a deck.)

The 7 SPs from the Aqua Force SP Pack.

  • Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros
  • One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas
  • Kelpie Rider, Nikki
  • Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios
  • Emerald Shield, Paschal
  • Kelpie Rider, Mitros
  • Quick Shield Ticket featuring the Aqua Force Clan Emblem


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