Cardfight!! Vanguard Strategy Announcements for Latter 2019

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Screencaps from the Continuing High School Arc

Cardfight!! Vanguard Animation
Shinemon Arc

The new chapter raises the curtains on the story of the young shop manager Shin Nitta!

“Prepare yourself and bring it on!”


Original Idea by: Bushiroad / Akira Ito
Directed by: Itsuro Kawasaki
Script Supervisor: Masanao Akahoshi
Character Designs by: Satoru Isono


Shinemon Nitta: Syuta Morishima
Mikuru Shindou: Yui Horie
Mark Whiting: Daisuke Hyuga
Tatsuya Tachibana: Seiji Maeda
Rive Shindou: Makoto Furukawa
Esuka Hibino: Fuchigami Mai
Nanami Gonomi: Nami Miyaki
Tonori Fujinami: Shinichiro Kamio
Misaki Tokura: Hikaru Tono

A comparison of the two animation timelines, featuring the ages of various protagonists

The new Shinemon arc takes place before the events of last year’s Middle School arc, when Shinemon Nitta was in his third year of high school.

(Ark Note: The 2018 Anime confirms Chrono exists and will be about 6th Grade or so by the end of Aichi’s adventures)

Shinemon Nitta, voiced by Syuta Morishima

“If thinking stops you in your tracks, stop thinking and start acting!
Something is sure to happen, as long as you take action”

This story of the new protagonist Shinemon Nitta is the story of the past of the Shin Nitta that we know as the manager of Card Capital, 10 years back.

Rive Shindou, voiced by Makoto Furukawa
“Shinemon, do your best as you see fit!”

Mikuru Shindou, voiced by Yui Horie
“Declaring yourself the manager is fine and all, but you haven’t thought about the future, have you?”

Tatsuya Tachibana, voiced by Seiji Maeda
“Shinemon, you’re so cool!”

Mark Whiting, voiced by Daisuke Hyuga
“Leave this to me and my 18-year history as a ninja!”

Misaki Tokura (and Assistacat), voiced by Hikaru Tono
“…you can stop now, that’s enough”

Butler, voiced by Keiichi Sonobe

Tonori Fujinami, voiced by Shinichiro Kamio
“Your advance stops here!”

Nanami Gonomi, voiced by Nami Miyaki
“Let’s see how strong you are”

Esuka Hibino, voiced by Fuchigami Mai
“Card Capital already belongs to me! Stop being so stubborn, and vacate it!”

(Note: Esuka’s surname is the same as Arte Hibino’s, better known to fans as the host of Gastille)

Ruga Kaizu, voiced by Ryouta Takeuchi

Ryutarou Oyama, voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu

Yuichirou Kanzaki, voiced by Koyasu Takehito

Shinemon Nitta uses the Genesis clan, and his avatar is “Uranus”, a young aspirant that can open an “Astral Plane”, while “Valkerion” is a special Elemental that can only exist in the “Astral Plane”.

Card Capital Team

As expected with his fascination with ninjas, Mark is using Nubatama, and his unit is “Akatsuki Hanzo”.
Rive was shown to use Tachikaze during the G arcs, but is using Nova Grappler this time, fighting alongside the unit “God Hand”.

The new character Tatsuya uses Angel Feather, and his unit is the remake of “Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel”.

Mark’s Unit is something like “Fiend Demonic Stealth Dragon, Akatsuki Hanzo”
Rive’s Unit is something like “Battle Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon”.)

Esuka’s Team

Esuka uses Great Nature, with the talented fox “Isabelle” as her unit.
Nanami uses the remake of “Arboros Dragon” and Neo Nectar, while Tonori uses the remake of “Agravain” and Gold Paladin.

Esuka’s Ace is something like “Great Sage of Dark Shadows, Isabelle”
Nanami’s remake is “Arboros Dragon, Sephirot”
Tonori’s remake is “Knight of Fury, Agravain”, an old Megablast Unit for Gold Paladin.)

The new anime arc starts August 24th, 2019

This is the story of “Shinemon Nitta”, the future manager of Card Capital.

10 years before the reunion of Aichi Sendou and Toshiki Kai, the card shop run by the Tokura family “Card Capital” was going out of business.

Then came the attempt to take over the store by Esuka Hibino, the owner of a major card shop.

In order to protect Card Capital, Shinemon Nitta stands up as the “Self-proclaimed Manager”!

The ending theme “Gift” is by Argonavis, which is included in their single “STARTING OVER/Gift”, which is on sale from August 21st!

And the opening theme “Lead the way” is sung by Aina Aiba, and will be included in her 0th single, which goes on sale October 16th!
The song is produced by Noriyasu Agematsu from Elements Garden!

There will be a special on August 17th about the Shinemon arc.

First up is “Uranus”! His two abilities are:

[CONT](VC):If your (VC) has five or more force markers, your back row center (RC) becomes an astral plane.
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, [COST][Soul-Blast 2], get an Imaginary Gift: Force, and put that marker on your (VC).

Put 5 Force markers on your vanguard circle

Your back row center rear-guard circle becomes an “Astral Plane” (put an astral plane marker)

You can now call “Valkerion” to the Astral Plane!

(Ark Note: 煌天神 ウラヌス is something roughly like “Shining Heavenly Deity, Uranus”)

– Grade 5 / Power 70000
– Part of your main deck of 50 cards
– Cannot be ridden
– Is retired when placed unless it was placed on an “Astral Plane”

“Astral Plane”
– “Astral Plane” is indicated with a marker (external aid like gift markers)
– Only Genesis can open an “Astral Plane”
– Unit on “Astral Plane” can attack
– Any unit other than “Valkerion” is retired when placed on an “Astral Plane”

(Ark Note: 絶界巨神 ヴァルケリオン is roughly “Great God of the Highest Plane, Valkerion”)


When your vanguard circle has 5 or more force markers, your back row center rear-guard circle becomes an “Astral Plane”!

“Astral Plane”

You can call “Valkerion” to it!
The unit on an “Astral Plane” can attack!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Trial Deck V-TD09 “Shinemon Nitta”

Featured Clan
– Genesis (includes 1 type of Cray Elemental)

– Pre-constructed deck of 50 cards (16 types), inclusive of 4 holo cards (4 types)
– 5 Gift markers
– 1 Astral Plane marker

(Out in Japan on September 27th, 2019)

Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack V-BT07

Featured Clans
– Genesis
– Nova Grappler
– Nubatama
– Angel Feather

Total of 80 types + parallels

(Out in Japan on September 27th, 2019)

(Ark Note: The Pack’s Japanese name is 神羅創星 Shinra Sousei, which is roughly something like “Divine Genesis”)

A reminder:

The 2018 product cycle was about establishing the 24 Clans, the 2019 product cycle is about expanding the concepts of those clans and bolstering existing strategies.

Trial Deck – Genesis

Booster Pack – Genesis, Nova Grappler, Nubatama, Angel Feather

Extra Booster – Great Nature, Gold Paladin, Neo Nectar

Extra Booster – Bermuda Triangle

Extra Booster – Shadow Paladin, Narukami, Aqua Force

Extra Booster – Gear Chronicle, ?????, ?????

Bermuda Triangle Extra Booster
Releases December 2019!

Featuring Riviere, Pacifica, Coral, Colorful Pastorale, and more!

GEO Hyper Media Shop and Cardfight!! Vanguard are doing a collaborative promotion where for every 1000 Yen of Vanguard product you buy, you get a random Force I or Force II Gift Marker.

Rundown of the Japanese WGP 2019 Locations

Rundown of the 2020 Vanguard Masters Cup Season

Spring 2020 Promos:

Winner: King of Knights, Alfred

Top Cut: Berserk Dragon

Participant: Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada

Mini-Van’s 2 Seasons will be added to the official Japanese YouTube Channel starting today

25 SPINNS and Vanguard are doing goods for the WGP 2019 events

T-Shirts, Underwear, Nylon Jackets, Shower Sandals, Totebags

YouTube Special about the current story arc on August 13th

Relive the original anime in Story Mode!
Watch the smooth animations of the Live2D characters!
Nostalgic Vanguard soundtracks return as well!
Famous scenes from the anime make their appearance!

Enjoy an action-packed cardfight on your mobile phone!
Compete with others from all over the country, and aim to be the top Vanguard Fighter!!
Featuring Ride Scenes from the original anime, and many more!

Open packs and get cards!
You can even collect materials and create your desired card!

“My Room” feature and original stories bring out each character’s charm!
Freely decorate your special space in the “My Room” feature!
Increase your bond with the various characters, and unlock original stories!
Fully voiced character conversations you won’t see anywhere else!

Vanguard Solo Booth will be at Tokyo Game Show 2019!
Vanguard & ZERO double feature confirmed!
Business day 12 Sep (Thu) – 13 Sep (Fri)
Public day 14 Sep (Sat) – 15 Sep (Sun)

Closed Beta Test confirmed! (JAPAN ONLY)
Registration of appplicants have begun!
Move quickly to get a chance to play Vanguard ZERO!
Registration: Jul 18 – Jul 31
Closed Beta: 9 Aug – 13 Aug (tentative)
Find out how to apply from the official site!

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