Opening a sealed carton of G-Clan Booster 5: Prismatic Divas

As a throwback to my previous article of G-Clan Booster 3 about a year back, here is another carton opening.

While G-Clan Booster 3 was perceived quite negatively in the eyes of players, has G-Clan Booster 5 been perceived pretty okay for what it is. Except for…ratios of one specific rarity.

A carton of G-Clan Booster 5 usually contains the following:
2 SP Packs (14 SPs) (Replaces two Rares and five Commons)
4 Special Parallel (Replaces a Rares)
6 Generation Rares (3 of each) (Replaces a Triple Rare)
9 Special Reissue in RRR (3 of each) (Replaces a Rare)
42 Triple Rares (some I pulled 4, some I pulled 9)
96 Double Rares
415 Rares
1430 Commons

The specific rarity ratio I’m talking about is the SP Pack. It seems to be a common problem that players pull 1 SP Pack of any kind, or 1 Chouchou SP Pack + 1 SP Pack of any kind. Basically, you either pull 11 or you pull 18 SPs in a carton. Of course with card games, nothing is guaranteed. But this is Bushiroad, with Bushiroad you get a pretty set amount of cards per carton (otherwise why would you even buy a carton), so this being so off is frustrating.

Anyway, to show this in pictures, like last year:

The sealed carton
The playmat that comes with the carton is a little smaller than big playmats, …
… but bigger than the small playmats by Bushiroad.
The carton opened
A sealed single box
Contents of each box: 12 packs + 1 box topper (same ones like from the Trials)
First pack: Contains 2 Rares + 5 Commons
Second pack: Double Rare replaces a R
First box: 1 SP + 2 Triple Rares + 4 Double Rares
Second box: 1 Special Reissue + 2 Triple Rares + 4 Double Rares
Third box: 1 Generation Rare + 1 Triple Rare + 4 Double Rares
Carton result: 4 SPs + (2) 1 SP Pack

Am I salty: Probably. Not as much as yesterday. Now I’m simply disappointed. I did pull some sweet SPs, but two SP Packs are always better than one SP Pack. Of course Bushiroad can just go: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But I’ll be honest with you here, a carton is too expensive to just go /shrug.

On that note, something I noted across the three cartons of Bermudas I opened so far:
I always pull the PRISM in SP, and the cover card in the highest rarity.

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