[Weekly News Bits] The One With Counters That Change Everything



Monthly Bushiroad (out April 8th) comes with a “Sendou Aichi BOOK NEXT”, which contains a compilation of official artwork of Aichi (and other characters) that have been gathered together here, from their various sources and uses.

Reference Art of Team Q4 at their reunion in Episode 26 of Vanguard G NEXT

Artwork of Yuuta, Morikawa, Miwa, Shingo and Naoki from Episode 26 of Vanguard G NEXT at the reunion at Card Capital’s 1st Store.

The Cover Art for “-> Next Generation” and its Promo

Various foods for the Vanguard G x Karaoke Pasera Food Collab.

On the left is food based on Striders and Diffriders

In the middle is Q4 and TryThree

On the Right is Ibuki and Mamoru, Jaime Flowers and Hell & Heaven themed foods and drinks

Aisai-chan 2017, a 10000 Power Etranger Beater

It’s given as a present to those who donate 5,000 or more Yen to the Aisai City Hometown Aid Donation Fund (愛西市ふるさと応援寄附金).


Official Counter Units to help make it very clear how much Power your cards are gaining.

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