[COTD] [V-EB03] Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane

Today’s COTD is Viviane, demonstrating Gold Paladin’s ability to superior call.

V-EB03/007 RRR 聖弓の奏者 ヴィヴィアン Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Gold Paladin – Elf
Power 9000
Shield 5000
AUTO (VC/RC) When placed from hand, COST [Counter Blast 1 & Soul Blast 1], look at the top three cards of your deck, call one to (RC) from among them, put the rest of them on the bottom of your deck in any order, and this unit gets Power+3000 until end of turn.


I'm Boxshot.

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