[COTD] [D-BT04] Knight of Counter Spiral, Nuada & Fortune Reading

Expensive fortunes to draw a card.

D-BT04/049 R 2021 塒逆の騎士 ヌアザ Knight of Counter Spiral, Nuada
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Keter Sanctuary – Human
Power 13000
Persona Ride
AUTO (RC) 1/Turn When this unit attacks, if there are no other rear-guards, this unit gets Power+5000 until end of turn, and at the end of that battle, Stand this unit. (Including your opponent’s rear-guards)

D-BT04/107 C 2021 フォーチュン・リーディング Fortune Reading
Grade 2 / Normal Order / Keter Sanctuary
Play this with COST [Counter Blast 1]!
Look at the top of your deck, put it on the top or bottom of your deck, and draw a card.


I'm Boxshot.

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