[COTD] [D-BT06] Youthberk “Skyfall Arms” & Grand March of Full Bloom, Lianorn DSRs

Celebrating the release of D-BT06 Blazing Dragon Reborn with the art of the two DSRs.

D-BT06/DSR01 DSR 2022 ユースベルク “破天黎騎” Youthberk “Skyfall Arms”
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Keter Sanctuary – Human
Persona Ride
Power 13000
RevolDress – AUTO (VC) At the end of the battle this unit attacked, choose up to one card with “RevolForm” in its card name from your hand, ride it as Stand, and it gets drive-2 until end of turn.
ACT (VC) 1/Turn COST [Discard a card from hand], look at the top three cards of your deck, choose up to one card with “RevolForm” in its card name from among them and reveal it and put it into your hand, or choose up to one grade 2 or less card from among them and call it to (RC), and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

D-BT06/DSR02 DSR 2022 満開の大行進 リアノーン Grand March of Full Bloom, Lianorn
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Stoicheia – Bioroid
Persona Ride
Power 13000
ACT (VC) 1/Turn COST [Counter Blast 1] draw a card, and choose a card from your hand, call it to (RC) or discard it.
AUTO (VC) When this unit attacks, COST [Soul Blast 1 & Discard a card from hand], and boost this unit with all of your back row Stand units with “Boost“. If you boosted this unit with three or more units, this unit gets drive+1 until end of that battle, and at the end of that battle, choose two of your back row rear-guards, and Stand them.


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