The Cardfighter’s Column – 2016. 09. 02.

Anime info, English product info, and… an exclusive product tease?!

You can read this week’s entry here: http://cf-vanguard.com/en/column/2016_09_02/

The post starts with information regarding the next anime season following Stride Gate, titled Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT. More info will be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2016 on September 18. The event will be livestreamed on Nico Nico Douga, information in English will be revealed the week after. It is said that a new character will be appearing in the season, presumably the Shadow Paladin user based on previous information. English dubbed episodes will be available after the dub of Stride Gate concludes its run.

The second half of the blog covers information about G-TD10: Ritual of Dragon Sorcery, the Shadow Paladin Trial Deck, and G-BT09: Divine Dragon Caper, containing support for Shadow Paladin, Angel Feather, Narukami, Spike Brothers, Gear Chronicle, Aqua Force and Cray Elemental. These clans, as stated before on previous reveals, are to be used by the protagonists and their rivals. Interesting to note is that the Trial Deck will contain a postcard featuring the new anime season.

Most interestingly, the blog entry concludes with a tease about an English exclusive product coming out in January. No other information is known for the time being.

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