The Cardfighter’s Column – 2016. 08.05.

This week’s The Cardfighter’s Column post features a very special interview, Mr. Akiyama, the producer of Cardfight!! Vanguard!

You can read it here in full: http://cf-vanguard.com/en/column/2016_08_05/

The post starts with a brief summary about this week’s new anime episode, but more notably, it has information on the Bushiroad World Championship 2016 and an interesting interview.

Like the previous qualifiers, the process for BWC2016 stays the same – starting with Regional Qualifiers in select areas, which are followed by the Continental Championships, finally concluding in the World Championship. The Continental Championships and the World Championship will feature a special card, just like last year’s hot stamped Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon and Chronojet Dragon, but the details are a secret at this point in time.

You may check for events in your region on Bushiroad’s event page: http://bushiroad.com/en/events/worlds2016/

The most intriguing part of the post is the featured interview – Cardfight!! Vanguard’s producer, Mr. Akiyama. Aside from select occasions, it’s a rarity we hear from Bushiroad or their staff on their stances and opinions.

Mr. Akiyama’s passion and love for the game shows through his answers, but most notably, he seems aware of the competitive attitude towards the game outside of Japan, as well he designs cards both for casual and competitive players. It’s a short, but worthwhile read.

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