Summary from the Producer’s Letter Vol.3

A cliff notes rundown.

  • Mori apologizes for the lack of major events and tournaments due to COVID-19.
  • D Standard will be aiming for 4 core boosters a year roughly
  • He thanks fans for their feedback since starting this Newsletter and making comments on Twitter.
  • He explains generally how Bushiroad makes decisions based on results and feedback.
  • “The TCG Strategy Presentation will be held on Tuesday, September 14th (Japan time), and will provide the latest information on new card game products, the new season of the “overDress” anime, and the new chapter of the “ZERO” application, so please look forward to that as well! We are also planning a presentation for the English edition in October!”
  • Environment Maintenance (i.e their term for usage restrictions) will be announced regular in January, May and September and implemented in February, June and October.
  • D and V Standard are within expectations, but Premium Standard has significant issues.
  • Major changes for Premium Standard will be announced in September, and further rebalancing and restrictions will be applied as necessary.
  • A Premium Exclusive product will be released in 2022
  • Bushiroad is investigating how to make Revival Collection esque products doable in Japan where there is more concern about collector value.


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