[COTD] Coulthard (G Guardian and Heal Trigger)

A new Megatrick G Guardian for Pale Moon appears, with an unusual ability.

G-FC04/041 RRR 念動の大奇術[キネシス・メガトリック] クルサード Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard
“その刃が届くかどうかは、奇術師[マジシャン]の気分次第。(Whether the blades will reach or not depends on the magician’s mood.)”
Grade 4 / G Guardian / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – Human
Shield 15000
[G Guardian]
AUTO Generation Break 1: [Choose 1 face-down G Guardian from your G Zone, and flip it face-up] When this Unit is placed on (GC), if you have 4 or more different Grades in your Soul, you can pay the cost. During that battle, this Unit gains Shield+15000.

G-FC04/065 RR 念力の奇術師[サイコ・マジシャン] クルサード Psycho Magician, Coulthard
“果物を剥くのにも驚きを与えるのが一流の奇術師[マジシャン]だ。(A first-class magician gives a surprise of peeling fruit.)”
Grade 0 / Heal Trigger / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – Human
Power 4000
Shield 1000
(You can only have up to 4 Heal Triggers in your Deck)
AUTO: When you discard this card from your hand for the Cost of Calling “Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard” from the G Zone, you can place this card into the Soul.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing the following from “Fighter’s Collection 2017” (on sale May 12th, 2017): The Generation Break 1 《Pale Moon》 G Guardian, “Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard” and the Heal Trigger “Psycho Magician, Coulthard” that activates its ability when it’s discarded from the hand for the Cost of Calling the related G Guardian.

When “Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard” is placed on the Guardian Cicle, if there are 4 or more different Grades among the cards in your Soul, its ability lets it gain Shield+15000!

In other words, you can activate its ability if there’s a Grade 0, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 in your Soul. Unusually, it’s a G Guardian that gains 15000 Shield with no Counter Blast or Soul Blast, and it’s powerful as well. If you Ride properly, you should be able to get a Grade 1 and 2, while the other Grades can be covered by the likes of “Maksed Phantom, Harri”, “Prankster Girl of Mirrorland” and “Carnivorous Megatrick, Prana”!

Continuing, “Psycho Magician, Coulthard” activates its ability when it’s discarded to pay the cost of Calling “Kenesis Megatrick, Coulthard”. It places itself into the Soul! With this you can can add the Grade 0 you need to fulfill the conditions of activating the ability of “Kinesis Megatrick, Coulthard”. Also, next turn, it has the benefit of allowing you to use it for the costs of cards like “Masked Phantom, Harri” or “Parallel Megatrick, Fairfield”.

For the foreseeable future, we’ll be continuing to introduce cards from the Legend Deck “The Blaster “Aichi Sendou”” and “Fighter’s Collection 2017”! Please enjoy!

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