[COTD] [V-BT12] Buster Surgeon, Asphael & Stanching Angel

We’ll fix our damage zone to have cards we want in there.

V-BT12/047 C 秀逸なる執刀 アスファエル Buster Surgeon, Asphael
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Imaginary Gift: Protect
Power 12000
AUTO (VC/RC) When placed from hand, COST [Counter Blast 3], heal three cards from your damage zone, choose three cards from your drop zone, and put them into your damage zone. (Put them face up)

V-BT12/057 C スタンチング・エンジェル Stanching Angel
Grade 0 / Trigger Unit – Heal Trigger / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Power 5000
Shield 20000
(You may only have up to four cards with “HEAL” in a deck.)


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