[COTD] [D-VS05] Reckless Express

How reckless will you be going second?

D-VS05/052 RRR 2022 レックレス・エクスプレス Reckless Express
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone – Spike Brothers – Workeroid
Power 8000
Shield 10000
AUTO If this unit is on (VC), this cost may be paid with “Soul Blast 1”. When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), COST [Counter Blast 1], look at seven cards from the top of your deck, choose up to one normal unit from among them, call it to (RC) as Rest, and shuffle your deck.
AUTO (RC) At the beginning of your main phase, COST [Put this unit into your soul], search your deck for up to one “Reckless Express“, call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck.

Two reprints for Spike Brothers are Adorbs Perm, Rona and Powerback Renaldo.


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