[D-BT10] Mirror Reflection Equip, Mirrors Vairina

The power of a mirror is to show the reflection of your current self.

D-BT10/003 RRR 2023 Mirror Reflection Equip, Mirrors Vairina
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Talisman
Power 10000
Shield 5000
X-overDress – One “Trickstar” and one <Prayer Dragon> unit (You may place it by stacking it on all of the specified units instead of normal calling it to (RC))
AUTO When this unit is placed on (RC) by X-overDress, choose up to two cards from your drop with “Vairina” in their card names, and put them as this unit’s originalDress.
AUTO (RC) When this unit attacks, if this unit is in the X-overDress state, this unit gets Power+10000 until the end of the battle. Then, COST [Put one of this unit’s originalDress with “Vairina” in its card name into drop], and perform “Draw a card” or “Counter Charge 1”.


I'm Boxshot.

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