[COTD] Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon

An all purpose G Guardian for Pale Moon appears.

G-CHB03/016 R 道化魔竜 ワンダリング・ドラゴン Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon
“上演中はステージに物を投げ込まないでください。(During a performance, please don’t throw things at the stage.)”
Grade 4 (G Guardian) / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – Abyss Dragon
Sheild 15000
[G Guardian]
AUTO: When this Unit is placed on (GC), Soul Charge 1, Choose 1 card from your Soul, Call it to (GC).

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing a 《Pale Moon》 from the 3rd Character Booster “Rummy Labyrinth in the Moonlight” (on sale March 3rd, 2017): “Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon”.

When “Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon” is placed on the Guasrdian Circle, you Soul Charge 1 card, and call 1 Unit from your Soul to the Guardian Circle. You can Call a Grade 0 from your Soul and for no real Cost, have a 25000 Guard. And since you can use the Perfect Guard of Sentinel Cards you Call, it makes for quite a good card when used in combination with Units whose abilities activate when they are placed on the Guardian Circle.

“Rummy Labyrinth in the Moonlight” contains many Units that enhance 《Pale Moon》, soo look forward to further information!

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